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The large number of delivery slips produced each day are easily managed when they are converted into digital data by a scanner. In addition, when OCR software is used in combination, handwritten information on slips can be easily converted into digital data to enable its use for delivery information searching on the Web.
Panasonic Provides the Following Functions to Help Streamline Your Transport Business
[A] High-Speed, High-Volume Scanning
Scans a large amount of documents at high speed.
[B] Mixed-Document Feeding

Continuously scans documents of various sizes.

[C] ToughFeed

Detects stapled documents to minimize damage to the documents and equipment.

[D] Blank Page Removal
Removes documents with a blank back page from data to simplify document management and improve search efficiency.
Recommended Models
KV-S8147, KV-S8127
KV-S4085CW/CL, KV-S4065CW/CL
KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H

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