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What's Image Capture Software?

Simplifies settings for scanning conditions

Image Capture Software is an application similar to RTIV®. It transfers image data created by a Panasonic high-speed document scanner to a PC in the form of image files. The difference from RTIV® is that Image Capture Software allows easier page editing (page shuffle, page delete, etc.) of a scanned document on the thumbnail window. (If you don't need to frequently do page editing, RTIV® may be quicker and more convenient to use.)

*This software can be downloaded from Panasonic's download page. Although the software is not originally provided with the product, users of compatible products listed in the "Main Specifications" section are welcome to download and use the software. (Be sure to check the supported operating systems.)
For details of the software, see the reference manual in the "Main Specifications" section.

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Applicable models : All models.


Operating Procedures That Facilitate Confirmation and Correction of Scanning Results

The operating procedures for scan, confirmation/correction and output improve the productivity for large-volume scanning.


Efficient Scanning by Fully Utilizing the Functions of a Panasonic High-Speed Document Scanner

The software is optimized for Panasonic high-speed document scanners and takes full advantage of the many convenient functions offered by the Panasonic high-speed document scanner to achieve efficient scanning.


Using Thumbnails for Intuitive Confirmation and Editing of Pages

Each page of a document scanned by the scanner is displayed as a thumbnail in a list. By dragging and dropping thumbnails, pages can be easily moved and shuffled.


Flexible File Output Function

After page editing is completed, the software's file output function can output the document as image files in various formats.
You can also flexibly set the destination folder, file type, compression method, and file numbering method (in the case of single-page data). In addition, when using the imprinter, the imprinter results can be kept in an output log file.
To further enhance the convenience if the standard output function, you can also customize it to suit your needs.*1

*1Programming is required in order to customize the output function.

Direct Saving of Data in PDF or PDF/A

Image Capture Software can save scanned image data in PDF files that can be opened and displayed by Adobe® Reader®. This supports highly efficient scanning in today's age of IT. (Other software, such as Adobe® Acrobat®, is not necessary for saving scanned image data in PDF). Also, Image Capture Software can save in PDF/A format which in accordance with ISO 19005 standard for the long term preservation.

Direct Saving of Data in JPEG 2000

Image Capture Software can also save scanned image data in the JPEG 2000 format.

Link with Other Systems via a Monitoring Folder

The software's output function produces image files in batches. This allows easier linking with other systems via a monitoring folder than methods that create the final file while scanning.


Main Functions Adding/Inserting pages from the scanner, Changing the display mode, Printing document, Scanning conditions (Paper source, Page size, resolution), Paper setting (Rotate, Duplex, Automatic crop, Deskew, Length control), Image Emhance (Brightness, Drop out, Color matching, Mirror, Noise Reduction), Imprinter
Image File Format and Compression File Format Compression
TIFF (Single / Multi-Page) Non-compression (binary, 16-level gray, 256-level gray, 24-bit color), MH (binary), MR (binary), LZW (binary, 16-level gray, 24-bit color), JPEG (256-level gray, 24-bit color), Packbits (binay, 16-level gray, 256-level gray, 24-bit color)
PDF (Single / Multi-Page) MMR (binary), JPEG (256-level gray, 24-bit color)
PDF/A-1b(Single/Multi-Page) MMR(binary), JPEG (256-level gray, 24-bit color)
JPEG (Single-Page) JPEG (Quality: 1-100, default: 75)
Bitmap (Single-Page) Non-Compression
JPEG 2000 (Single-Page) JPEG 2000, Lossless, Lossy (quality: 1-100, default: 50)
Support Scanner KV-S1020C, KV-S1025C, KV-S1045C, KV-S2026C, KV-S2028C, KV-S2046C, KV-S2048C, KV-S3065CW/CL, KV-S7065C, KV-S7075C, KV-S4065CW/CL, KV-S4085CW/CL, KV-S3085, KV-S3105C
System Requirements
Operating System Windows® 2000 SP4 or later
Windows® XP SP1 or later
Windows Vista® 32-bit, 64-bit
CPU Pentium® IV, 2 GHz and the above recommended
RAM For Windows 2000® SP4 / Windows® XP SP1
Minimum: 256 MB
Recommended: 512 MB or higher
For Windows Vista® 32-bit
Minimum: 512 MB
Recommended: 1 GB or higher
Display 65535 colors or higher

* You can set the file format for each image-type, when selecting (depends on Image type) on (output Document Setting) dialog box.
* Binary images and 16-level gray images are translated to 256-level gray image, when output as JPEG file.
* 16-level gray images are translated to 256-level gray image, when output as PDF file.

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