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High Volume Color Document Scanner KV-S3105C



High-Speed Full-Color ScanningDuplex ScanningMixed Document FeedingLong Paper Mode2-Way PathEasy MaintenanceDouble-Feed PreventionAuto Erasure SecurityPost-Imprinter

High-Speed Full-Color Scanning

Excellent performance keeps office productivity high.

This speeds up the job of turning even large amounts of daily forms and mountains of documents into data. Clean, crisp, clear scanned data is also ideal for electronic file conversion and management.

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Duplex Scanning

Prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

Double-sided scanning of documents from business-card size all the way to A3 can be done with a single scan. Plus, double-sided scanning is done at the same speed as single-sided scanning. This eliminates the work of pre-sorting, and prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

Mixed Document Feeding

Documents of different types can be scanned one after another.

Documents from business-card size all the way to A3 with a variety of paper thicknesses can be fed at the same time – ideal for offices that handle a wide range of document types.

Long Paper Mode

Even documents of unusually long sizes can be scanned.

The highly reliable paper feed system lets you scan documents up to 84 m* in length. This is ideal for scanning electrocardiograms (EKG) or other special documents. This single scanner handles a wide variety of applications.

* A3 size, 200 dpi.

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The above images show a KV-S4085 Series model

Curved Paper Path and Straight Paper Path

Excellent versatility.

In addition to the ordinary curved path, a straight path ensures high reliability with thick or long paper. The possibilities for both usage and installation location are almost unlimited.

*The photo shows KV-S4085 being used.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance costs and downtime are reduced.

The design allows full, easy access to the entire paper path, so you can clear paper jams or clean the unit without calling a service center. The rollers last a long time and are easy to replace when worn, also improving the unit's cost-effectiveness.

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Double-Feed Prevention Roller System

Prevents scanning mis-feeds.

This double-feed prevention roller system is used to ensure reliable scanning of large amounts of documents. It reduces double-sheet feeding by separating the documents from the second sheet onward.

Auto Erasure Security

A high degree of safety.

Scanned data is automatically erased from the scanner memory as soon as scanning is completed. This basically eliminates the danger of information leaks, and ensures the user of safe, secure scanning.


Raises filing efficiency.

With the optional post-imprinter mounted, characters such as "group A " can be printed onto the back side of documents after scanning. This raises filing efficiency after scanning, and makes it easy to check for pages that were missed when scanning.

What's a post-imprinter?

The post-imprinter prints text on the back side of a document as the image is being scanned, so the text data is not included in the image data.

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The above images show a KV-S4085 Series model

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