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Reliable Throughput Image Viewer RTIV


What's RTIV?

Simplifies settings for scanning conditions

The Reliable Throughput Image Viewer (RTIV) is an image capture application that converts image data scanned by a high-speed Panasonic scanner into a PC image file. RTIV lets you efficiently create high-quality image files that maximize the scanner's functions with simple PC operation.

*RTIV is bundled with all of the products listed on this site. RTIV is not sold alone.

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Automatic Binary/Color Distinction

No more need to pre-sort documents.

This function automatically detects when a set of documents contains some color sheets and some monochrome (B/W) sheets. You can feed these together without sorting, and the machine will automatically compress the data efficiently according to whether a sheet is color or monochrome (B/W), so the electronic file size is minimized. This is a feature typically found only on high-end scanners.

Double Exposure*

Two-in-one convenience.

Double Exposure automatically scans then saves two-sided documents into a single-page file. It is highly effective for documents printed on both sides, such as checks, stock certificates, post cards, and business cards.

*This function cannot be used on the KV-S1020C because it scans only single-sided sheets.

Blank Page Removal

You can convert only the desired pages into electronic form.

When scanning a set of documents that contains both single-sided and double-sided sheets, this function automatically skips over the blank sides. It saves you time and trouble by eliminating the need to sort the sheets beforehand or remove the blank data after scanning. It also helps reduce wasted memory space in your computer.

Automatic Crop

No more scan mistakes or time-consuming trimming.

Different sized documents can be scanned each according to its own size. This raises work efficiency by preventing size setting mistakes and eliminating the need to later crop scans to the desired size.

Automatic De-Skew

No need to make manual adjustments.

When scanning documents of different sizes, any that are accidentally scanned at an angle are automatically corrected by de-skewing. This also boosts work efficiency by eliminating the need to worry about skewed pages while scanning.

Multi Color Dropout

Convenient for OCR processing.

Any of up to three specific color ranges on the document can be selected as a dropout color. This function, when used in form processing applications, can greatly improve OCR performance and accuracy, resulting in increased productivity and potential cost savings.

Dynamic Threshold

Excellent readability and accuracy.

With the Dynamic Threshold function, the background density and color are automatically detected section by section, and the scan setting (brightness control) is automatically adjusted to ensure sharp scanning of both text and images.

Multi Stream

Single pass for dual output.

The MultistreamTM function enables a single scan to be saved as two separate formats simultaneously. For example the document will be saved in monochrome (B/W) for OCR and archival purposes, and saved as a full color image for short term on-screen retrieval.

Hole Removal

Punch holes from the document are removed from the image.

The Hole Removal function removes the punch hole marks from the scanned image. Round or square black shapes around the edges are replaced with the color closest to the document. You don't have to cover them up with tape beforehand or use image editing after scanning.

Smooth Background

No more fuzzy backgrounds.

The Smooth Background function analyzes images while scanning for background color content, and outputs the images with the background color solidified. This increases viewing clarity and reduces JPEG output file size.

2-Page Separation

Easily get the data you need from each page

Use the flatbed or ADF to scan 2-page spreads from books, magazines, etc., and automatically divide the single image into two single sheets*. Dividing scanned documents saves time and trouble because it makes complex editing operations unnecessary.

* Divided lengthwise or crosswise. The length of the scanned document is divided in half. The division is not based on the content of the document.


Save time by reducing the number of scans

Place various sized documents on the flatbed and scan them all at once, then crop whatever parts you need. This is convenient for scanning multiple business cards and thick documents.


Specifications - RTIV™
Main Functions • Setting a scan condition*1 (Paper Size, Image Processing, Paper Supply, Sub Area, Imprinter, Control Sheet)
• Saving a scan condition
• Saving a job setting
• Simple Scan
• Job Scan
• Display Images
• Print, Skew Adjustment
• Cropping
• Image Rotation
• Zoom In/Out
• Pan Window
• Multi-Page View
• Turning Pages
System Requirements • IBM AT Compatible machine
• Pentium 266MHz or above
• 64MB RAM or above
• 800×600 pixel display more than 256 color display
• SCSI card*1 (Dependent on scanners)
OS Requirements • Windows® 2000
• Windows® XP
• Windows Vista® (32 bit, 64 bit)
Image File Format & Compression Format
Format Multi Pages Available Compression Method
TIFF OK NONE [bitonal, grayscale, color]
G3 (MH) [bitonal]
G4 (MMR) [bitonal]
JPEG [grayscale, color]
PDF OK G4 (MMR) [bitonal]
JPEG [grayscale, color]
Bitmap NG NONE [bitonal, grayscale, color]
JPEG NG JPEG [grayscale, color]

*1 Available scanning conditions depend on each scanner. Please refer to the homepage of each scanner.

• Microsoft®, Windows®, Windows Vista® and the Windows logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.
• Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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