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Cordless SIP Phone Single Base Unit System KX-TGP500 Product Information

VoIP Support
IETF SIP version 2 (RFC3261 and companion RFCs) Yes
BroadWorks / BroadSoft Inc. Yes
Asterisk / Digium, Inc. Yes
CommuniGate Pro / CommuniGate Systems, Inc. Yes
Voice Codec
G.711a-law / G.711µ-law / G.722 (wideband) / G.729a / G.726 (32K) Yes
HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / TFTP and Local / Remote WEB Configuration Yes
QoS Support
Static VLAN Yes
Keys and Indications
Menu Driven User Interface Yes
US-DECT 1.92GHz - 1.93GHz (for USA and Canada) Yes
EU-DECT 1.88GHz - 1.90GHz / GAP Yes
Phone Features
Multiple Handset 6
Multiple Registration Support 8
Simultaneous Voice Calls 3
2.5mm Headset Jack* Yes
Grouping Handset : Handset Select for Receiving Call Yes
Handset and Number Select for Making Call Yes
Redial Yes
Do Not Disturb Yes
Anonymous Call (CLIR) Yes
Anonymous Call Rejection Yes
Calling Party Name and Number Presentation (CLIP, CNIP) Yes
Call Rejection Yes
DTMF Dialing During Call Yes
3-Party Conferencing Yes
Call Transfer Yes
Call Hold Yes
Call Forward Unconditional / User Busy / No Answer Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Distinctive Ringing Yes
Ringtone Selection Yes
Ethernet Ports 1
Ethernet Interface 10/100 Mbps
Power Consumption US Model Base unit Standby: Approx. 1.3 W
Maximum: Approx. 1.9 W
Charger Standby: Approx. 0.1 W
Maximum: Approx. 2.6 W
EU Model Base unit Standby: Approx. 1.3 W
Maximum: Approx. 2.5 W
Charger Standby: Approx. 0.1 W
Maximum: Approx. 2.6 W
Battery 630mAh Ni-MH 2 x AAA
Talk Time Up to 5 hours
Standby Days Up to 240 hours
Operating Environment 0 °C - 40 °C (32 °F - 104 °F)
20 % - 80 % relative air humidity (dry)
(Width x Depth x Height; handset on cradle, stand attached)
Base unit 178 mm x 74.4 mm x 134.4 mm
Weight Base: 290 g
Handset: 130 g
Charger: 60 g

* On cordless handset.