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  • Why Panasonic?
    • HD Voice Quality
    • Easy-to-Use Design
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Why Panasonic?

Easy-to-Use Design

Panasonic extensively studied customer usage conditions to create an easy-to-use design for the IP Phones.

Flexible buttons

One-touch buttons exclusively for main functions let you instantly access the intended function without having to press several button sequences. Holding the line, calling, and other operations are easily done without having to memorize complicated steps.

Ergonomic recessed buttons

Buttons that fit the curves of the fingers were developed in cooperative research with a university.

Cable concealing back

The back panel is designed to conceal the terminals, which also helps to prevent dust and other foreign matter from entering the terminal area and causing malfunctions.

Large LCD

All models feature large LCDs, and large fonts improve visibility.

Long handset cords

Panasonic IP Phone terminals feature extended handset cords, for more flexible usage.

Reduced cabling

Built-in Power Over Ethernet eliminates the need for a power adaptors, and reduces desktop clutter.

Non-slip rubber feet

Rubber covers on the feet that contact the desk surface help prevent the phone from sliding for more comfortable use.

Changeable angle stand

The angle of the display can be changed according to
your needs.

Wall mounting

The phone can be mounted to a wall for more installation flexibility and space saving.

Headset usage

A built-in Electronic Hook Switch gives the IP terminals access to other-brand wireless (DECT and Bluetooth) enabled headsets. No extra costs for adaptors, special cables or handset lifters required. The KX-UT248 also supports Bluetooth® headsets.

Concave design

The concave design of the KX-UDT111 prevents a call from being accidentally made while the handset is placed in a pocket. It also matches the curve of the cheek while conversing for greater comfort.

Slim and light

The KX-UDT121 is approximately only 18 mm thick and weighs 88 g, making it easy to carry about.