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Digital Imaging System

Download - Common to each model

Panasonic-DMS Cleanup Tool

Note : Following models are supported.
DP-130, 135, 150
DP-180, 190
DP-1510, 1810, 2010
DP-1520, 1820
DP-2000, 2500, 3000
DP-2310, 3010
DP-3510, 4510, 6010
DP-3520, 4520, 6020
DX-600, 800
UF-490, 590, 790, 890, 990

Operating system File Name File Size File Version
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Server 2003
1,254KB 040622

Operating Instruction

File Name File Size File Version
How to use Panasonic-DMS Cleanup Tool 45KB

Symptom :

After the uninstallation of the Panasonic Document Management System, some of the components (such as a desktop icon of the Document Manager) may still not be deleted. Please follow the procedures below to delete them completely from your system.

  1. Read through "How to use Panasonic-DMS Cleanup Tool".
  2. Download the "Panasonic-DMS Cleanup Tool", and execute (double-click) the downloaded file to start the extraction.
  3. Execute the "Setup.exe " in the extracted folder, the installation screen of "Panasonic-DMS Cleanup Tool" will be appears.

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