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Digital Imaging System

Download - Common to each model

Memory Card Print Utility

The Memory Card Print Utility allows you to print certain types of document data stored on the USB Memory, SD or PC card from the printer without requiring direct access to a PC. The following types of document data can be printed from a USB Memory, SD or PC card via Server.

  • Microsoft® Word documents
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® documents
  • Adobe® PDF documents

Note : Following models are supported
DP-C262, C322
DP-C354, C264, C323, C263, C213
DP-C405, C305, C265
DP-C406, C306, C266

< Memory Card Print Utility Installation Guide >

Language File Name File Size
Commonness 867KB

The corporate name appeared on the instruction manual may differ from current corporate name due to change in business name.

< Memory Card Print Utility >

Language Operating system File Name File Size File Version
Commonness Windows 2000
Windows XP
Server 2003
Windows Vista
Server 2008
106,851KB 1.07

The download file is a self-extracting executable file and can be extracted by executing the downloaded file. To install the software, execute the Setup.exe file in the folder newly made.

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Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is required in order to view a "PDF" file.