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Digital Imaging System

Download - Common to each model

MetaConsole (English Only)

MetaConsole provides device management for Panasonic Devices. You can view device informations/capabilities and status. It also allows you to change some device settings.

Note : Following models are supported
DP-180, 190
DP-1520, 1820
DP-2310, 3010
DP-2330, 3030
DP-3510, 4510, 6010
DP-3520, 4520, 6020
DP-3530, 4530, 6030
DP-8016, 8020
DP-8035, 8045, 8060
DX-600, 800
DP-C262, C322
DP-C354, C264, C323, C263, C213

< MetaConsole for Panasonic >

Operating system File Name File Size File Version
Windows NT4.0
Windows 2000
42,239KB 1.36.01

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It is not necessary to un-compress the downloaded file before installing the software.

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