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Network Camera

Belkin F5D7230-4

You selected Belkin F5D7230-4.

Follow the steps below and configure the router.


Open the router's configuration web page by typing the following address on your web browser or just click the link.

This is the factory default local IP address for this router. If you have changed the router's local IP address, please enter proper IP address.

You can also check the router's IP address on the Network Camera's Web Page at [Maintenance] -> [Status]. It is shown as "Default Gateway" IP address.

The router configuration page appears.

Configuration image:Click [System Settings] on the menu

Click [System Settings] on the menu.

The password request page appears.

Configuration image:Type the Password and click [Submit]

Type the Password and click [Submit].

*The default settings are
Password : (leave blank)
If you have changed the router's Password, please input the proper one.


Configuration image:Check [Enable] for UPnP Enabling and Click [Apply Changes]

Check [Enable] for "UPnP Enabling" and Click [Apply Changes].

The new setting is saved and your router's UPnP is turned on.


Please try Network Camera [Automatic Setup] procedure again.

If you need more information about this router, please read the router's manual or refer to manufacturer's Web site.

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