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Network Camera

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Upgrade procedure of firmware

[ How do I update the firmware? ]

Update the firmware of the Network Camera Update firmware would be available from Download Site.
*Do not turn off the power during Update Firmware.
*Buffered Images are erased when performing Update Firmware.
  1. Download the proper firmware from the Network Camera Technical Support Site mentioned above.
  2. If the Network Camera is accessible from the Internet, temporarily disable the access and connect the Network Camera to the PC as the following figure. This will eliminate any interruption during the Update Firmware.

  3. Access the Setup Page by entering "http://IP Address (or URL):Port No./ config.html" on the web browser and press [Enter].
    When the Network Camera uses the DHCP function, please change the Internet connection from [DHCP] to [Static] on the Network window and set the available IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway address.
    When port no. is 80 (default), you do not need to enter port no.
    Reconnecting the AC adapter may be required after failing to update the firmware.
  4. Click [Update Firmware] on the Setup Page.

  5. Click [Update Firmware]

    If you click [Update Firmware], operation cannot be canceled along the way.
  6. Click [Browse...] to select the software from the file selector.
    The dialog box appears to choose the file.
  7. Select a desired Firmware file (including the path information) and click [Open].
    The selected file name appears in the field on the window. If you already know the new software file name, you can enter it into the field.
  8. Make sure the desired firmware file name is selected correctly, and click [Update Firmware]. Network Camera has finished updating when the window changes to Top Page.

    Restarting dialog box is displayed, and a Network Camera begins to restart automatically. Restart operation takes about one minute.

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