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HD-PLC Adaptor

House Verification Result of PA100

Information is introduced here for confirming the PA100 at home.

Measurement Test Case (Mr. A's House)
Here, we will present an actual measurement example. The results of measuring this typical 3-story house, owned by Mr. A, are shown in the figure below. The equipment and conditions used in the measurement are shown on the right side. As you can see, these results prove the superiority of HD-PLC.

Mr.A's House

Measurement conditions
The PA100 Terminal is registered with the Master.

Measurement item details
The measurement was done by keeping the Master in one place, and moving the Terminal to each room.

Equipment used for verification
Product manufacturer
· Personal computer: DELL Product manufactured by Optiplex GX280
· The speed measurement tool: IxChariot (IXIA)

Verification Result (UDP, packet length:1518byte)

Verification Result

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