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High-Speed Scanner


KV-S8147 / KV-S8127


Language File Name File Size Date
English Operating ManualPDF 3,124KB 16/Nov/2016
German Operating ManualPDF 3,016KB 16/Nov/2016
French Operating ManualPDF 3,141KB 16/Nov/2016
Spanish Operating ManualPDF 3,130KB 16/Nov/2016
Italian Operating ManualPDF 3,156KB 16/Nov/2016
Russian Operating ManualPDF 3,246KB 16/Nov/2016
Portuguese(Brazil) Operating ManualPDF 3,138KB 16/Nov/2016
Turkish Operating ManualPDF 3,159KB 16/Nov/2016

Software (Windows®)

Software Connection Version Date
USB 3.0* 16/Nov/2016
USB 3.0* 16/Nov/2016
USB 3.0* 1.0 25/Apr/2016
USB 3.0* 2.3 25/Apr/2016
- 16/Nov/2016
- 16/Nov/2016

Firmware (Windows®)

Check the firmware version of the scanner as below and update the firmware.

  1. Turn the power of the scanner after the scanner is connected to your computer.
  2. On the [Start] menu, point to [All Programs], [Panasonic], [Scanner Tools], and then select [User Utility].
  3. Check the [Firmware Version] in the [Scanner Information] in the User Utility.
    If the version is older than the latest version below, update the firmware.
Firmware Version Connection Date
USB3.0* 5/Jan/2017

Note :

* USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 can be used.

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