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SIP Phone


How to update Firmware via WEB in LAN.

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Multi number settings via WEB and configuration file.

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How to set periodic download and retry download of configuration files.

Specification of SIP Source Port.

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How to set the conference server.

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Specifications,Flow of downloading and Priority about 3 types of configuration files.

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How to decrypt the configuration files by the key of other configuration file.

Timing when CFG_FILE_KEY is applied during provisioning process.

How to receive the data, only from server that can be trusted.

Behavior and Setting method of "SSAF(SIP Source Address Filter)"

The parameters which restrict access to network settings from user authority.

Provisioning using HTTPS protocol.

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Web port setting.

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Setting method for DNS address.

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Automatic Firmware update.

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How to manage the configuration file downloading.

TCP Connection behind NAT Router.

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