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How Panasonic Expects its Suppliers to Achieve CSR Procurement

A genuine partnership with our suppliers is essential for Panasonic to implement its business activities. In this respect, Panasonic intends to fulfill CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) throughout its supply chain.

Therefore, we strongly ask our suppliers to meet the following CSR requirements.

1. Agreement with Panasonic's Clean Procurement Policy

Our suppliers must agree with Panasonic's "fair and ethics-based procurement principle" (Clean Procurement Declaration) and implement fair business.

2. Product Quality and Safety

Our suppliers must provide the product quality and safety levels required by Basic Purchase Agreements and individual contracts concluded with Panasonic's business units. They must also develop quality assurance systems and fulfill requirements specified by quality warranties.

3. Environmentally Consciousness Management (Green Procurement)

Our suppliers must actively implement programs for conserving the global environment and conduct environmental management. The supply of all parts, materials, and products to Panasonic must be carried out in accordance with the Green Procurement Policy.

4. Compliance and Fair Trade

Our suppliers must ensure full compliance with laws, regulations, and social ethics under the Basic Purchase Agreements concluded with Panasonic's individual business units.

5. Information Security

Our suppliers must implement information management for sharing information in line with the information security policy set forth in Panasonic's ISM Criteria for Suppliers

6. Safeguarding of Human Rights and the Health and Safety of Labor

Our suppliers must not use any illegal, forced, or child labor force. They must also fully comply with the laws and regulations in each country and region where they conduct business operations with regard to employment conditions and occupational health and safety standards, including remuneration and working conditions.