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Bar & Restaurant

HD 42" Plasma

Sport & Communication Café YELL

• Customer — Sport & Communication Café YELL
• Delivery location — Sapporo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 42HD x 11
• Delivery date — Jun, 2003

Innovative screen layout used in a giant sports café.
Thin, lightweight, large-screen plasma displays chosen to offer wide viewing angles and superb video display performance.

A total of 11 plasma displays featured in a mega-size sports cafe.

The SPORT & COMMUNICATION CAFE YELL was designed and built with the aim of turning even people with little interest in sport into sports enthusiasts by creating an upbeat atmosphere where friends can hang out and enjoy themselves. They decided to use 42-inch plasma displays as background video screens that would provide ideal motion-image displays of sports videos while also matching the cafe layout and interior design style.

Thin, lightweight, and ideal for displaying motion images — the perfect screens for sports videos.

The nine plasma displays are hung on a pillar in the center of the café with three panels each on three levels, simultaneously giving three types of content through 360° to viewers anywhere on the main floor (see next page).
The innovative layout takes maximum advantage of the slim profile, light weight, wide screen, and wide viewing angle offered by plasma displays. Plasma displays are an ideal choice for any sports cafe since they provide clear and crisp reproduction of fast-moving sports action thanks to their motion-response characteristics, which are far superior to equally thin and lightweight LCD monitors. Individual plasma displays are hung from the ceiling on the main floor and in the pool bar.

Multiple displays positioned in a carefully planned layout to take the best possible advantage of the installation plan.