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1080p HD 103" Plasma

TV Tokyo Corporation

• Customer — TV Tokyo Corporation
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD
• Delivery date — Apr, 2007

103-inch plasma display installed in a TV studio set to display the high-resolution motion images of news programs.

A 103-inch display installed as a studio monitor for a popular information program.

Produced and broadcast by TV Tokyo since 1988, “World Business Satellite” is a popular news program that specializes in economic and financial information. It's one of the leading news programs of TV Tokyo and the TXN Network. When the studio set for this program was renovated in April 2007, a Panasonic 103-inch full-HD plasma display was installed.

Superb reproduction of images recorded with HD studio cameras.

The “World Business Satellite” studio set was previously equipped with a 100-inch rear projector. When the set was to be renovated, Tokyo Tube, one of TV Tokyo's video equipment vendors, proposed the idea of installing a Panasonic 103-inch plasma display to TV Tokyo Art & Lighting Inc., who was in charge of designing the studio set. The idea took hold largely because the display unit complied with the following requirements.

  • High-quality full-HD display
    “World Business Satellite” is produced in digital HD, and TV cameras often capture general scenes around the set as the program proceeds. Because the display itself is also captured by the cameras, it has to display high-resolution images. The Panasonic 103-inch plasma display supports full HD and reproduces images with excellent motion-image resolution, rich gradation, and natural color reproduction, to fulfill all the essential requirements.
  • Thin profile and large screen size
    The Panasonic 103-inch plasma display is large enough to provide a powerful presence even when the studio set is shown in a wide-angle view. Because the display unit is much thinner than the previous unit, it also allows considerable installation flexibility for creating a neat, attractive studio design.

TV Tokyo and TV Tokyo Art & Lighting examined the proposal, and decided to install the 103-inch plasma display as part of the studio set renovation.

The 103-inch plasma display is positioned between the main newscaster and the commentator.
When the studio is shown during programming, the display unit frequently appears on TV. This makes it essential that it have a large screen size and crystal-clear images

All of the display units installed on the studio set are flat-panel displays, which results in a highly attractive design.