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1080p HD 103" Plasma

Televisa Chapultepec

• Customer — Televisa Chapultepec
• Delivery location — Mexico City, Mexico
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD
• Delivery date — 2008

How many screens can fit in a 103-inch Plasma?

Plasma technology has evolved in such way that several major TV production and broadcast companies have chosen this format to accomplish tasks like display and monitoring of high quality images feed from production rooms, OB vans and outdoor filming. Televisa (, the major Mexican and Latin American media group has been a user, since 2003, of plasma displays provided by Panasonic de Mexico. They have located them in news, sports and special events as well as entertainment shows inside Televisa Chapultepec studios, a top level news center.

Some of the new 103-inch Plasmas which Televisa owns are being used in production rooms for live shows, where display images feed from satellite, outdoors, recorded earlier signals and commercial breaks are important to be monitoring, besides domestic and international broadcast, among others. The engineering department team of Televisa Chapultepec decided to utilize 103-inch Plasmas to display multiple source images, along with a special software which allows multi screen split, instead to set up a great number of smaller monitors. So each program director may choose his own personal configuration according to his need. This software also provides a function to customize the screen split size whether to increase or decrease the source selected.

To being able to monitoring images on air or set to broadcast later is an important requirement that includes to be in charge of how lighting, focus, framing and some other fine details are displayed on screen, to assure that the audience receives a stunning signal that fulfill Televisa standards.

Why did Televisa choose Panasonic?

• Different plasma monitor sizes
• Contrast, vivid, brightness and image details in Full HD
• Quiet operation
• Small quality gap between Pro Plasma and consumer devices
• Versatile connectivity and customized configuration
• Toughness and resistance
• Useful life time of 100,000 hours