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HD 50" Plasma

Nihon University Senior High School &
Nihon University Junior High School

• Customer — Waseda University
• Delivery location — Kanagawa,Japan
• Product to be delivered — 50HD
• Delivery date — Jan, 2005

Content such as educational programs, PC images and lab experiments shown on large display screens. Hi-definition plasma displays make lessons more engaging and easier to understand.

Plasma displays used during lessons in an attractive new school building.

The new “Sakura 21st Century House” building at the Nihon University Senior and Junior High Schools has been in use since January 2005. It was designed and built as a facility that would foster a pleasant and attractive campus based lifestyle for the students.
In this comfortable and spacious building, the schools decided to use plasma displays as their in class display screens.

Neat and elegant classroom layout using flat panel displays.

When the new building at the Nihon University Senior and Junior High Schools was designed, the intention was to use CRT displays.
However, on installation the overhead displays were thought to be overly oppressive for the students and contrary to the concept of spaciousness that was central to the building design. As a result, the plan was revised and flat panel displays used instead.

Superb image quality coupled with an established track record of long-term use drove the decision to install these units (54 in total).

The choice of flat panel displays was made based on the following:

  • On comparing the performance of several brands of LCD and plasma displays, Panasonic plasma displays were found to be the best in terms of picture quality and clarity of detail.
  • The schools had already been using Panasonic products for many years and we were able to provide consistency with their existing products in mode of operation.

The Effect of Plasma Displays on Student Enthusiasm.

Because plasma displays are still relatively rare in ordinary homes, and because the images are so large and clear compared with the previous 21-inch CRT displays, the students were taken by surprise. In the special-purpose classrooms, students are able to get a much clearer look at the experiments and practical skills that are displayed, and that results in a higher interest level and better understanding. Nihon University Senior and Junior High Schools are now looking to provide a wider range of educational programs through terrestrial digital HD broadcasting, and studies have begun on the relationship of video content and learning.

The use of plasma displays greatly reduces the intrusiveness of overhead screens and allows larger screen sizes to be accommodated in the corner.

Four plasma displays installed in the physics lab ensure that experiments are clearly visible from every seat in the room.