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1080p HD 65" Plasma

Waseda University

• Customer — Waseda University
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 65HD x 15
• Delivery date — Apr, 2005

65-inch plasma displays solve a longstanding visibility problem at the back of a large university lecture hall.

65-inch plasma displays installed at a prominent university.

Waseda University installed fifteen 65-inch plasma displays and six 32-inch LCDs in its new Building No. 8, which opened in April 2005.

An ideal screen size to review PC displays in large classrooms.

Waseda University was previously using 200-inch and 70-inch rear projectors in its large classrooms and 50-inch plasma displays in its medium-size and small classrooms. With the recent increase in the use of PCs for lessons, students had requested screen sizes that better match the classroom sizes.
The display type was an important consideration during the planning of the equipment and facilities for the new building.

Panasonic's large plasma display selected.

While considering the image devices for the new building, the university developed an interest in Panasonic's 65-inch plasma display, because:

  • Panasonic's integrated production and sales system provides its users with quick response.
  • Panasonic offers a full lineup of plasma and other display types, including LCDs and large-screen projectors.

University staff checked the screen sizes of the actual products before choosing. They then selected 65-inch plasma displays as auxiliary monitors for the large and mediumsize classrooms in the new building. They also chose 65-inch plasma displays as main monitors for the small classrooms.
Because the university uses a variety of wireless devices, all of the delivered plasma displays incorporate a magnetic shielding operation that prevents interference from infrared communications.

Two displays are set up in the center of the medium-size classroom.

This large classroom, which seats 775 students, has three unites of 65-inch plasma displays that are efficiently laid out, so even small text is clearly visible for students in the back of the room.