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1080p HD 103" Plasma

Kokushikan University

• Customer — Kokushikan University
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD x 1
• Delivery date — Aug, 2007

The 103-inch plasma display helps in the pursuit of knowledge by clearly presenting multimedia academic resources

Decades of accumulated academic materials combine with advanced technologies for educational and research use.

As Kokushikan University approaches its 90th anniversary in 2007, more than 13,600 students spend their time on campus studying and conducting research. In addition to maintaining mountains of text-based information, such as theses and academic literature, the university was the first in Japan to build and operate a repository capable of storing video, audio, and other multimedia content. Administrators were quick to realize the importance of e-learning. And when it came time to replace the large-screen video system in the AV Hall of the central library, the university decided on a 103-inch 1080p HD plasma display.

The 1080p HD plasma display faithfully reproduces multimedia content.

The AV Hall has a seating capacity of about 60, and was previously equipped with a 100-inch rear projection system. Dissatisfaction with the system was strongest concerning the following points:

  • Images were dim and poorly colored. They also appeared distorted when viewed at an angle.
  • Resolution was poor, making the text on Web pages illegible when viewed from the back of the room.
  • It took a long time from when the power was turned on until images appeared on the screen.

The 103-inch 1080p HD plasma display was considered for the following reasons:

  • It would accurately display all types of content, including motion images, and Web-page text could be clearly read even from the back of the room.
  • 1080p HD specifications will be vital for future use.
  • The larger screen will allow more effective lectures.

After viewing a demonstration of the actual 103-inch model to confirm its functions and performance, the decision was made to switch systems.

Installing a high-definition display supports learning and researching with superb image reproduction.

The importance of the visual materials used in lectures and other
learning situations has increased in recent years, and there is a clear trend toward multimedia content in the academic resources of the KISS system. As described by Mr. Ueda, general manager of Kokushikan University's central library, “Accurately reproducing the images and colors of our visual materials significantly enhances the quality of the lectures and motivates the students to learn.” This left a strong impression of the importance of image quality in the school's video system. The idea of “providing support for learning and researching” as one of the library's core missions also led to the university's decision to upgrade its video equipment. After actually viewing the plasma display, the university staff expressed the strong emotional impact and overall satisfaction that they felt by bringing the video system to a level so much higher than before.

Clear, sharp images are displayed even with bright sunlight filling the room.

Fine text is easily legible from seats in the back of the room, and there is no change in image quality when viewed at an angle. PC content and other images are crisp and clear.