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HD 50" Plasma

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

• Customer — The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 50HD
• Delivery date — April, 2005

Plasma displays serve as information display panels on the large banquet floor to smoothly and effectively guide hotel guests.

This urban hotel, which is located in a lush green park, uses plasma displays to disseminate easy-to-understand information and guidance.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo opened in April 2005. The upper floors of this high-rise building command panoramic views of beautiful Shiba Park, Tokyo Tower, the Roppongi Hills building, Rainbow Bridge, and other scenic sights. It is in a splendid location.
The hotel uses Panasonic plasma displays for its banquet floor information and guidance panels.

A three-stage information display smoothly guides guests.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo boasts Japan's largest-class banquet floor with two main banquet rooms, seven medium-size banquet rooms and seven small banquet rooms. They range from 343 to 2,393 square meters in size and can be separated by partitions for flexible use.
Together, they accommodate a maximum of 8,620 persons.
Therefore, to construct an effective signboard system to guide guests smoothly to their destination banquet rooms, the hotel has divided the type of information to be displayed into three stages: (1) directions to the banquet floor, (2) floor guidance, and (3) information at each banquet room.

The 50-inch display is suitable for use in large spaces.

As the huge banquet floor with its high 10-m ceiling is always visited by a large number of guests, the hotel decided to install a 50-inch large-screen plasma display as the main information display panel. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo also considered the successful use of plasma displays in a sister hotel, the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, and installed a total of 37 Panasonic plasma displays.

The plasma display installed at the entrance of each banquet room provides information. The displayed information can be easily changed by switching the content data. Previously, a signboard had to be produced for each event.

Two displays installed on the banquet floor show scheduled events and hall locations at a glance.