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Enterprise & Presentation

September 2012

Du Pont Japan Innovation Center of Du Pont K. K.


Du Pont K. K. is a Japanese subsidiary of the American global science company, Du Pont. It operates the Du Pont Japan Innovation Center, which is developing solutions for various problems by connecting customers with Du Pont scientists and engineers, as well as its 150 R&D facilities worldwide. Panasonic's interactive plasma displays were recently installed in the Innovation Center as part of a video-conferencing system.

Product to be delivered TH-65PB1 x 2

Panasonic interactive plasma displays resolved customer's challenges with enhanced meeting experience for scientists and engineers worldwide


  • Monitors for the v ideo-conferencing system were small, and there was no live atmosphere of meeting face to face.
  • Since meeting materials were displayed using a projector, the room must be dimmed.
  • Notes written on the presentation materials can not be shared and saved.


  • A large 65-inch display provides great meeting experience as if everyone is in the same room.
  • Meeting materials can be displayed clearly even in a bright room. Notes written on the materials are shared instantly for easier communication.
  • Handwritten notes can be saved digitally.

Customer's Challenges

With the Innovation Center's old video-conferencing system, meeting materials were displayed using a projector on a 24-inch monitor. When video-conferencing with their clients however, there were some challenges. The clients appeared small on the monitor, making them seem far away, which impeded communication. The projector was also not very bright, making it necessary to darken the room when using it. The Innovation Center was considering the purchase of a large-screen FPD to remedy the situation. They also wanted to write on-screen notes on presentation materials during the meeting and save the results.


Interactive video-conferencing that makes participants feel they are in the same room

Since the expressions of the remote participants are shown clearly on a large screen, Panasonic's interactive plasma displays has liven the meetings as if the participants are discussing face to face. Annotation on the presentation materials is instantly shared by the other location, making communication smoother. Since the notes can be saved digitally, meeting details are easily retrieved, making it easier to check discussion content and issues at a later date. Consequently, the Innovation Center uses the interactive plasma displays even for non-interactive meetings that do not involve video-conferencing.

Contributing to even greater operational efficiency

Thanks to the outstanding picture quality of the plasma display, the Innovation Center is now able to check prototypes using video-conferencing, and reduce time and cost for sending samples. This means they can now respond to customer needs more promptly. They are currently using Panasonic's 65-inch interactive plasma displays. However, once Panasonic makes even larger displays available, the Innovation Center wants to set up an environment where video-conferences can be held with large numbers of people.

More efficient meetings environment have been realized by displaying the remote participants and meeting materials on separate large screens. The participants are always visible on one screen while presentation notes can also be written on the other one.

Decisive Factors for Interactive Plasma Display Installation

Du Pont K. K. then investigated Panasonic's proposal for the use of interactive plasma displays.

65-inch high-definition large screen

When displaying the remote participants on a large screen, they almost appeared to be in the same room. Furthermore, outstanding picture quality of the plasma display enables the colors and textures of samples and prototypes to be faithfully reproduced, which can be examined even through video-conferencing.

Comfortable on-screen writing

Unlike the other technologies, Panasonic's plasma light detection system uses an electronic pen rather than finger touch, enabling more natural on-screen writing. Also, there are no false touches caused by presenter's cloths or palms etc..

Vivid picture even in a bright room plus on-screen note writing and saving

Materials can be clearly displayed and written onto, even in a brightly lit room. The results can then be saved as data to improve the ability to search for content and other information from previous meetings.

Based on these advantages, Du Pont decided to adopt Panasonic's technology. With a desire for large screens to display both meeting materials and remote participants, the company purchased two interactive plasma displays. The Du Pont Japan Technology Center in Utsunomiya also decided to adopt the technology, and a high-resolution video-conference network is being created between the company's R&D centers and sales offices in Japan.

Actual Use Cases

For video-conferencing

The two interactive plasma displays are mainly used for video-conferencing. Display A receives the input from the video-conferencing STB, and shows the remote participants. Display B is connected to a PC and shows the meeting materials, and users are able to write notes from the screen. The PC images with the notes are sent to the STB for sharing with remote participants. An HD camera is also connected to the STB, and video from the camera is sent to the remote location along with the PC images.

For web conferencing

With the video-conference system, writing notes is only possible at one location. As a result, web conferencing is also used as necessary. A PC and camera are connected to the interactive plasma display. Through a web conference, it is possible to hold collaborative meetings with people writing on the same virtual whiteboard at both locations. Since PC and camera image can be displayed in one interactive plasma display, the Innovation Center can hold two web conferences at the same time.

For general meetings

The interactive plasma displays are used even for non-interactive meetings that do not involve remote locations. By just connecting a PC, meeting materials can be shown on the large screen, and handwritten notes can be added. In whiteboard mode, the screen is blank, making it possible to write more freely. The results can be saved instantly as a computer file, thereby eliminating the bother having to scan and save a conventional whiteboard.

Plasma displays feature a wide viewing angle. The images can be seen clearly without color shift even when viewed from the side.

The interactive plasma displays are mounted on mobile stands, allowing them to be positioned as necessary for each meeting.

Potentially a standard system for corporate locations worldwide

The Du Pont Japan Innovation Center and the Du Pont Japan Technology Center in Utsunomiya have recently adopted Panasonic's interactive plasma displays. However, the company's US headquarters and other major R&D facilities and offices may soon adopt the same technology. Since video-conferencing systems using these plasma displays are extremely convenient, they facilitate more vital communication. As a result, personnel at Du Pont K. K. are recommending the display as a standard piece of equipment for Du Pont locations worldwide. They recognize the value of this technology for Du Pont's globalization.

Profile of the Du Pont Japan Innovation Center of Du Pont K. K.

A facility for collaborating with clients and generating innovation

The Du Pont Japan Innovation Center is a place for collaborating with clients in Japan, and helping to solve the challenges they face. It includes an exhibit where people can examine up close the solutions the company has created, as well as meeting rooms for problem-solving discussions with Du Pont's scientists, engineers, and research facilities worldwide. With its record of producing numerous solutions and innovations, the Innovation Center is highly regarded among Du Pont's global operations. Facilities based on the same concept have also been established around the world.

An exhibit of Du Pont's past solutions helps generate new ideas, and solve problems faced by customers.