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Enterprise & Presentation

November 2012

The Kyoto Technical Center of TMT Machinery Inc.


TMT Machinery Inc. is engaged in the development, design, manufacture and sales of synthetic fiber manufacturing equipment, and has developed a worldwide business with a focus on Asia. Recently, Panasonic's interactive plasma displays were installed in the company's Kyoto Technical Center, where development and design are carried out.

Product to be delivered TH-65PB1 x 1

Staff can now share the necessary information on a screen, write comments on it, and instantly save it electronically
Panasonic's interactive plasma display facilitates smooth and lively discussions


As a whiteboard was the company's main tool for meetings:
  • The boards needed to be prepared in advance, and sometimes required erasing during a meeting. This caused interruptions, and was very inefficient.
    E.g. It was necessary to rewrite on the information from a PC to the whiteboard, and information had to be rewritten every time the board was erased.
  • Discussion information was saved by writing it on large printouts, which were awkward to deal with.


  • Computer data is now shown on a large display, on which staff can write directly.
    → Unnecessary preparation was eliminated, and meeting efficiency was greatly improved.
    → Ideas are conveyed accurately and quickly.
  • Handwritten information can be saved as a computer file for easier retrieval and management.

Customer's Challenges

The Kyoto Technical Center carries out a variety of testing and verification for textile machinery, and staff need to hold meetings often. Until recently, meetings were carried out mainly using whiteboards, along with a projector as necessary. However, the staff were not satisfied due to these problems:

● Could not display computer files, including diagrams
For example, when discussing a proposed improvement to a machine, it was necessary to first draw the schematic diagram on a whiteboard. As the discussion progressed, the whiteboard would become full of writing, and the board would then have to be erased and the diagram redrawn. This resulted in lost time before and during the meeting, and was very inefficient. Although a projector could be connected to a PC, and the diagram image projected on the board, no improvement points or other ideas could be written on it.

● Handwritten information couldn't be immediately digitized
Information written on the whiteboard was transferred to a printout and saved. This made the information difficult to manage and retrieve.


Eliminating unnecessary work, and realizing efficient meetings while creating a way to immediately save the results of lively discussion

The interactive plasma displays were installed in order to meet TMT Machinery's aim of creating an environment where, "testing results can be displayed and team members can engage in an enthusiastic and lively discussion."
By using Panasonic's interactive plasma display, the necessary data, such as figures or diagrams, can be instantly shown. Since the information does not need to be rewritten to a whiteboard in advance, meetings can now be held at a moment's notice. Also, since staff can write directly on the screen, ideas are accurately conveyed, for rapid communication.
Once the screen is full of handwritten notes, it can be immediately saved. The resulting computer file is much easier to store than the large printouts the company used previously. Since it is also easier to retrieve electronic files, the information has become much easier to manage. As a result, the staff can now easily look back on the contents of past discussions.
Through the installation of interactive plasma displays, meeting preparation time has been reduced while information management has also been improved, thereby enhancing business efficiency.

65-inch display that is ideal for viewing by 4 to 6 people, who can write comments on the screen while deepening their discussion. This facilitates lively debate and continual communication between meeting participants.

Decisive Factors for Interactive Plasma Display Installation

After reviewing the situation above, Panasonic proposed operational improvements using its interactive plasma displays. TMT Machinery investigated this proposal, and decided to install the equipment for the following reasons.

Ability to display images from a PC and write on them directly

Figures and diagrams for consideration can be viewed on a large screen, and various ideas can be written on them. Since the technology enables meeting participants to share information, it is also easy to generate new ideas.

Handwritten information can be saved digitally

Any information written on the display can be immediately saved as a computer file. This data can then be retrieved using the file creation date, and can also be stored in topic-specific folders for easy management.

Actual Use Cases

As a discussion board

The interactive plasma display recently installed is connected to a PC, and installed in the laboratory. Typically, half the screen is used as a whiteboard, while the other half displays the company's testing reference values. This enables group discussions while checking the exact numbers.
Since the PC is also connected to the company's network, machinery diagrams can be downloaded from the local server as needed, and displayed on the screen. The interactive plasma display also makes it possible to write directly on the diagram, and discuss improvement measures.

For gathering ideas

The display is used as a whiteboard when elaborating ideas in a group through methods such as brainstorming and mind mapping. Thanks to the plasma light detection system that enables high-speed rendering, the display can accurately detect and show all kinds of writing and even scribbled notes, enabling discussion and thoughts to continue uninterrupted.
In addition, since the display is always on, users can make a memo on the screen whenever an idea comes to mind. This has created an environment suitable for brainstorming.

For saving handwritten information as a meeting record

After a meeting or brainstorming session, the information written on the display can be saved as a computer file, and kept as a record of the meeting. The files are then retrieved based on the date of creation or modification. This has made it easier to reference past discussions, including agenda items, investigation details, issues, and problem points.

Most common usage method in the laboratory: By displaying the testing reference values and the whiteboard screen side by side, staff can write on the screen while checking the exact numbers.

Smooth on-screen writing: Since the display can reliably capture scribbled notes and small writing, users can write effortlessly on the screen.

With no viewing angle dependence, the plasma display allows participants to see clearly what's on the screen even when sitting to the side.

Profile of the Kyoto Technical Center of TMT Machinery Inc.

A leading manufacturer of synthetic fiber machinery, playing an active role in the global market

TMT Machinery Inc. was founded in 2002, as a joint venture between Toray Engineering, Murata Machinery, and Teijin Seiki (now Nabtesco). By bringing together the technological and engineering capabilities developed by these three companies over many years, TMT Machinery has supplied integrated production systems ranging from fiber spinning to winding machinery to customers worldwide. The company boasts about 40% of the global market for synthetic fiber manufacturing equipment.
The company's technology and development division is concentrated at its Kyoto Technical Center. The facility conducts various testing and development work in order to improve the energy efficiency of machinery and the quality of the fiber produced.