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Enterprise & Presentation

August 2012

Tokyo Production Center of Panasonic Visuals Co., Ltd.


Panasonic Visuals Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive producer of TV programs, commercial films and other images. In addition to planning and producing these programs, it authors BDs and DVDs, while also selling visual content, and even planning and managing events. Carrying out an extensive range of work relating to images, Panasonic Visuals has offices in Osaka, Tokyo and Shanghai. Its Tokyo Production Center recently installed interactive plasma displays from Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.

Product to be delivered TH-65PB1 x 1

By enabling producers to write freely on high-resolution visual images and accurately convey nuance that cannot be explained in words alone, interactive plasma displays are proving to be invaluable for image production


  • Since details of image production are difficult to convey just verbally, multiple business trips were required for in-person meetings.
  • Clients were not able to write comments while checking the images.


  • By improving video conferencing functions, participants are able to explain materials while writing notes on them, and better convey nuance.
    → The company was also able to achieve better efficiency including cost reduction by greatly reducing the number of business trips required.
    Previously the company had an average of 3 people traveling 4 times per month (weekly trips)
    → through the utilization of video conferencing, the number of trips was reduced to an average of 1 person traveling twice a month (biweekly trips).
  • Users can playback high-quality images and write comments on them using the same display. Clients are now provided with smooth meetings and a smart production environment.

Customer's Challenges

As many projects handled by Panasonic Visuals involve staff from more than one office, a video conferencing system was adopted to improve business efficiency. However, due to the considerable amount of creative detail that could not be properly conveyed verbally in a video conference, staff found themselves having to make repeated trips to other sites as a result. This made it a challenge to reduce the time and expense incurred by these trips. Moreover, the company wanted to implement smarter meeting environments that allow visiting clients to review created images in high resolution, while notes are jotted directly onto the images.


Video conferencing that can convey fine nuances

By utilizing the interactive plasma displays for video conferencing, participants can also view displayed script or image with notes being written on them in real time. Since an explanation can be given while indicating the relevant points, it has become easier for image creators to convey their intentions. As a result, even video conference meetings have become more effective, greatly reducing the number of business trips required. The company was able to achieve better operational efficiency in terms of both costs and time. Furthermore, as the cooperation with the Chinese office has also improved as a result, the company expects to achieve even broader business development in that country.

A refurbished image production environment thanks to high-resolution image playback and the ability to write freely on display

When clients visit and check the product in high quality image that is faithful to the original, any concerns they may have can be written directly on the display. The handwritten comments can then be instantly saved as a computer file, enabling the client and production staff to share issues and progress made. By checking the image and adding comments simultaneously on the same display, meetings now run very smoothly.
By utilizing interactive plasma displays, Panasonic Visuals has installed a system that can provide their clients with an even smarter production environment, in addition to high quality image production. As a result, the company indicated that its brand has been further improved.

An environment where clients and production staff in different locations can hold meetings: Since notes can be written directly on the images, it is easier to achieve consensus in terms of nuance and thinking. (Photo shows a video conference between the Tokyo, Osaka, and Shanghai offices)

Decisive Factors for Interactive Plasma Display Installation

Consequently, Panasonic System Solutions Japan made a proposal featuring interactive plasma displays, offering both convenient discussion functions and outstanding image performance. After investigating the proposal, Panasonic Visuals recognized the following benefits and decided to install the new technology.

Being able to conduct meetings while writing notes on produced images

The interactive plasma displays allow users to write freely on various displayed materials including PowerPoint presentations, script data, and produced images. Also, when conducting video conferences, since the materials with comments written on them are visible to all the conference participants, image flow, nuance and other points that are hard to convey verbally can be shared over long distances.

Instant saving of jotted comments

Materials with notes written on them can be saved immediately. By sharing these saved files with clients and team members, close communication can be reliably achieved.

High definition "Plasma High Resolution"

The interactive plasma display faithfully reproduces images on a large screen, using a high contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, and color shading with equivalent of 6,144  gradation. The color reproduction capability is superior to that of HDTV. The display also shows images in Full HD 3D. Equipped with performance befitting an image production company, the display allows clients to check the product in high-quality image.

Actual Use Cases

For video conferencing

A video conferencing system was set up using a newly installed interactive plasma display, an existing consumer TV, and an HD Visual Communications System. Presentations are carried out while showing materials on the interactive plasma display and writing comments on them. Since the written notes are immediately visible to all the video conference participants, it is easer for the presenter to convey his or her intent, and thinking can be more reliably communicated over distances.

For reviewing produced video

The company can impress clients with their visual image product using the high picture performance of the interactive plasma display. The interactive plasma display is connected to the same kind of computer that is used for editing. This makes it possible to directly show non-compressed image files, enabling clients to watch high-definition image without any degradation.
Comments can be written on the displayed image as necessary. The handwritten notes are instantly saved as picture image data along with the image, providing unified information for both the client and production team.

For meetings

The interactive plasma display can also be used for planning meetings and for generating ideas among production staff. Various idea sources can be displayed on the screen, including moving images, still images and web pages, and then comments can be written on them. The technology can also be used like a whiteboard for brainstorming. By saving all the ideas jotted on the screen, the development of the discussion can then be reviewed at the next meeting, for a smooth continuation of the dialogue.

Using an interactive plasma display for video conferencing: As the presenter can write comments on displayed materials while talking, presentations have been greatly improved.

Diagram of the video conferencing system set up for Panasonic Visuals

Interactive plasma display and a consumer TV set up next to each other: Both use plasma display technology with an image that can be seen clearly from any spot in the room thanks to a wide viewing angle.

Even more uses for the interactive plasma display

After installation of the interactive plasma displays, the staff began to come up with various other ideas for their use.

As a multi-task monitor when shooting images

In addition to use as an image checking monitor during shooting, an interactive plasma display can be used to display the script or production outline on a large screen, in order to accurately convey the flow of the shoot. Since the display also has a whiteboard mode, it can be used instead of cue cards as required. Accordingly, one display can be used for multiple purposes.

Presentation display at exhibitions and events

Panasonic Visuals also came up with the idea of using the interactive plasma display as a screen for presentations. It provides an environment where staff can show and explain presentation materials in their own words, while also writing on the materials.

Profile of the Tokyo Production Center of Panasonic Visuals Co., Ltd.

Visual image production utilizing a production environment with the latest digital technology

Established in 1993, Panasonic Visuals Co., Ltd. has continued to produce image to meet diverse needs, while always using the latest in cutting-edge technology.
In addition to HD and 3D images, today the company produces images using 4K image technology, which provides even higher image resolution. Panasonic Visuals offers 2D-to-3D conversion to make effective use of customer assets, as well as a film-to-digital conversion service. Based on an extensive library, the company also conducts video content sales, making it a comprehensive image production enterprise.