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Enterprise & Presentation

September 2012

DAIHEN Corporation


DAIHEN Corporation is a major manufacturer of electrical apparatus including power distribution equipment such as transformers, welding machinery, and industrial robots. The company and its subsidiary, DAIHEN SYSTEM Corporation, which sells power distribution equipment to general private-sector clients, recently decided to install Panasonic's interactive displays.

Product to be delivered TH-65PB1 x 6

Creating a web conferencing system for easy communication with distant sites:Interactive Plasma Displays offer a solution for even better efficiency


  • The projector was a hassle to set up, and the room needed to be darkened. Also, staff could not use their iPads effectively in meetings due to a lack of wireless connectivity.
  • The old video conferencing system did not allow remote participants to see meeting materials.
    →This made communication difficult and resulted in repeated business trips.


  • The new interactive displays enable meetings to begin immediately without dimming lights. Wireless connectivity means that staff can now use their laptops and iPads effectively.
  • With the web conferencing system, meetings with remote sites can be held.
    →This has greatly reduced business trips, and such costs have dropped by 10% to 15%.

Customer's Challenges

Staff at DAIHEN had been using projectors to show materials during meetings. However, it was inconvenient to set up the projector and screen, and darken the room each time.
Furthermore, the company was using a considerable number of iPads, and it was inconvenient not being able to connect these devices to the projector.

A video conference system had also been introduced at DAIHEN, and was being used to hold meetings with various remote sites. Nevertheless, since the meeting materials could not be shown to the remote locations, good communication was difficult, making it necessary for staff to travel and explain things in person. DAIHEN was not happy with the situation.


Reduced preparation time to begin meetings more quickly

Through the recent installation of interactive displays, DAIHEN was able to minimize preparation before meetings, and save personnel time as a result. DAIHEN had also acquired 100 iPads for its sales and other staff, but they were not able to share video and other content from these devices at meetings.
After the installation of the interactive displays, employees were able to connect their iPads directly to the display system for enhanced convenience.

The solution created a smooth and efficient environment for communicating with remote sites

Thanks to this meeting solution, DAIHEN was not only able to share meeting materials with remote participants, but presenters were able to easily make notes on the materials in order to emphasize important points. As a result, communication has become a lot better with remote sites.
This has led to a substantial reduction in business trips for meetings, yielding a 10% to 15% reduction in travel expenses. Since work hours taken up by business trips have also been reduced, DAIHEN staff feel they have more time to spend on sales activities.
It used to be difficult to hold frequent meetings between sites due to cost and travel-time considerations. According to one employee however, after the installation of the new system, communication within the company is now easier than ever, and work can be carried out with a shared sense of purpose.

By being able to write on the displayed materials, employees can give clearer presentations while emphasizing details. The presenter's notes are shown on the screens of all participants, and making it easy to grasp important points.

Decisive Factors for Interactive Plasma Display Installation

In order to take care of all these issues, Panasonic proposed a solution combining its interactive displays with a web conferencing system. After realizing the solution benefits provided by the following features, DAIHEN decided to install the system.

Ready for meetings

There is no need for advance preparation in the meeting room, such as setting up equipment or turning off lights. Once turned on, the display is ready to show vivid images, even in a brightly lit room.

Wireless connectivity

With the addition of an optional wireless module, PC and iOS devices can be connected wirelessly

Optimal display for web conferencing

With the use of a web conferencing system, an environment is created where remote participants can also view the meeting materials. Furthermore, thanks to the interactive displays, presenters can easy jot notes on the screen, which can then be saved electronically.

DAIHEN decided on a total of six displays, which were installed in its Head Office, as well as in subsidiary company plants and other sites in Osaka, Tokyo, and Mie.

Actual Use Cases

For web conferencing

An interactive display, PC, web camera, mic, and speakers have been set up for web conferences. In addition, a consumer-model TV has been connected as an external monitor to show menu and other control screens. This enables the interactive display to be used just for showing meeting content.

More efficient meetings and huge savings in personnel time

Thanks to the replacement of old projectors with interactive displays, preparation time before meetings has been eliminated. Moreover, the presenter can write notes directly on the screen and save them electronically as a record of the meeting. This has greatly reduced the time required before and after meetings.

The plasma display provides wide viewing angles and high resolution. The images are vivid and clearly visible even when viewed from a sharp angle. These were important points for DAIHEN when considering this technology.

Web Conferencing System for the DAIHEN Corporation

Other innovations save even more time

In order that meetings can be conducted even more efficiently, hand-raising is done electronically. Whenever a participant activates the conferencing system function to make a comment, the system automatically turns individual mics on and off, as required. General Manager Yamano explained the benefit of this. "This function alone has eliminated a lot of unnecessary interjections, allowing discussion to focus on the meeting agenda. It has enabled smoother discussion that is more focused, and a lot of time is being saved."

For web conferences utilizing iPads

By having staff use their iPads, they can participate in meetings even when out of the office. Furthermore, sales staff can take these devices when visiting customers, and include the client in a web conference. Web conferences via iPad are also being held that include engineers at the Osaka office.

The plasma light detection system enables effortless writing with an electronic pen, making it easy to write even small and complicated characters. DAIHEN expressed satisfaction with this feature.

Very satisfied with the display performance

After installation, DAIHEN was not only happy with the solution provided by the web conferencing system, but was also very pleased with the performance of the interactive displays themselves.
Wide viewing angles : Display is clearly visible even when viewed from the side.
Faithful images in high resolution : Even subtle shade differences are clearly reproduced. For example, the display can faithfully show differences between similar materials, or the effects of material aging.

Profile of DAIHEN Corporation

A global electrical equipment manufacturer with outstanding quality that earns the confidence of customers

DAIHEN Corporation was established in 1919 as Osaka Transformer Co., Ltd, a specialized manufacturer of power pole transformers. The company was listed on the stock exchange in 1953. Based on a founding spirit of "Superior Quality, Reasonable Price and On-time Delivery" and a Corporate Philosophy of "Reliability and Creativity", DAIHEN now produces welding machines, arch welding robots, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With numerous sales offices, business sites, and subsidiaries in Japan, the company is also expanding its operations globally.