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Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital

• Customer — Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital
• Delivery location — Aichi, Japan
• Delivery date — Sep, 2008

A Call Display System that combines plasma displays and Nmstage® protects patient privacy and keeps waiting rooms quiet at a general hospital

Patient call numbers are visually displayed on a plasma screen (with animation), and announced by voice instead of calling out the patients' personal names.

Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital opened in 1914 as a large-scale general hospital with 25 outpatient departments together with an emergency medical care center and a core regional disaster medical center. It treats some 2,000 outpatients each day.
In autumn 2008, the hospital installed a Call Display System to call outpatients to their appointments in a way that also protects their privacy. The system combines NMstage and plasma displays.

Clear, easy-to-see plasma displays and a scalable system were the decisive factors.

Previously, at the Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital, personal names were announced over a PA system to call outpatients into the examination rooms. However, the hospital recognized some problems with this method, such as privacy issues due to the use of personal names, hard-to-hear announcements, and a noisy hospital environment due to announcements made by each examination room.
To solve these problems, the hospital decided to look into the installation of a Call Display System. To meet its needs, we proposed a system configured with NMstage and plasma displays.

The hospital liked the system's easy operation and the display performance of the plasma panels, as described below, and decided to install the proposed system.

  • The Call Display System can be installed without any large modifications to the hospital's existing backbone system.
  • Excellent scalability allows display panels and operation terminals to be added at a later date.
  • The plasma display provides easy-to-see images even for patients located at the corners of the waiting room, who have to view the display at an angle.
  • The combination of clear, high-contrast, large-screen plasma displays and a voice announcement system provides clear appointment information even to elderly patients.

The display panel shows call numbers clearly. Since the panel displays the waiting list, it minimizes patient stress and allows everyone to check whether they have been called or not when, for example, they return from the lavatory

The scheduler switches the screen display between call numbers and general hospital information. An Advanced Dual Picture Mode also enables titles to be displayed.

A display panel installed in the hospital restaurant shows the patient waiting status.