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Sannomiya Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

• Customer — Sannomiya Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
• Delivery location — Hyogo, Japan
• Delivery date — Jul, 2002

Renovating the branch, while at the same time brightening its image from that of a conventional bank. Clear, bright plasma displays deliver timely and useful information to customers.

An array of 13 plasma displays reliably deliver vital information.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) selected its Sannomiya Branch from among its head office and branches to serve as a new model branch, specially geared to the needs of individual customers. Overhauled and recently reopened, the Sannomiya Branch is today the nerve center of SMBC's personal banking operations.
The bank has great expectations for the Sannomiya Branch, and personnel from other branches frequently come to observe developments there. The purpose in refurbishing this branch was to say, “This is what the bank of the future will look like.” As an integral part of the enhanced communication equipment that keeps customers in touch with the latest news and information while making the interior more inviting and comfortable for customers, the Sannomiya Branch introduced as many as 13 bright, crisp plasma displays.

“Comfort” and “peace of mind” were watchwords for the branch renovation.

SMBC revamped the Sannomiya Branch with three goals in mind. The first was to create a comfortable space where customers can consult with bank representatives in a relaxing setting.
The second was to create an atmosphere more like a cafe than a traditional bank branch, in harmony with Kobe's unique urban milieu. Finally, the bank wanted to create an information counter that makes customers feel welcome and comfortable in making general inquiries.
To enhance customers' comfort while they wait to be served, information on products and market trends are displayed on Panasonic plasma displays distributed around the interior.