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Enterprise & Presentation

HD 42" Plasma

Ferney Group

• Customer — Ferney Group
• Delivery location — Netherland, Belgium
• Product to be delivered — 42HD x 46
• Delivery date — June. 2008

Each and every member of the Ferney Group, comprising over 67 self-employed entrepreneurs with over 150 points of sale in the Netherlands and Belgium, is a hardware-man to the core. The Ferney members are characterized by a healthy growth and a strong, autonomous position in their market. Within its assortment, Ferney recognizes four private labels, exclusively for its members. High-grade quality brand products, which make for an upgrading of the assortment.

Apart from the core business (purchase) Ferney attempts to achieve for its members the best possible market positioning. By offering several marketing tools, the Ferney Group supplies its members with various means to distinguish themselves in their (local) market.
In order to make that distinction ever clearer, the Group is continually looking for new, innovative possibilities to make effective marketing possible. Although narrowcasting is already used in many various segments, for the rather conservative hardware industry this is a revolutionary initiative. It offers the members of the Ferney Group the means to communicate with its target group in a personalized manner. The displays then not only act as a means of communication, but also as a way of making the waiting period the customers sometimes have to endure, more bearable. As the Ferney members all have their own house style, this had to be taken into account in the project. The narrowcast system offers the possibility of broadcasting various presentations. “However, the various members would have to be able to adapt these presentations to their individual needs”, says Pim Huijsmans, project member with the Ferney Group.

After a period of comparing several possibilities and suppliers, the Ferney DMU eventually decided for Panasonic Plasma displays and ADL's NTB. These offer an excellent combination of quality and a high service level, which results in a long-term mutually satisfying co-operation.

“Panasonic is number 1 when the supply of Plasma displays with excellent image quality is concerned. With the combination of high-grade Panasonic Plasma displays and ADL's outstanding service level, nothing can go wrong,” says ADL's Martijn Scholten.
Mr Huijsmans relates how the co-operation came to be: “In our search for the right system, we were approached by Panasonic, who told us that in a joint venture with a partner, they were able to supply a narrowcast solution. Panasonic supplied the displays and ADL provided the system. As this system, the NetTopBox, was able to meet all our demands, the choice was eventually made for Panasonic and ADL.”
The project was promoted at the house trade fair Ferney held for its members. This was the first time the members could actually experience the system Ferney endorses. Additionally, several information sessions were given. As a result, 21 members now support the project. In 2008, this meant the purchase of 46 Plasma displays and 29 NTBs.
“The first roll out has been realized and we certainly expect more Ferney members to join the user group,” says Pim Huijsmans.