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Retail & Mall

1080p HD 65" PlasmaHD 50" Plasma

Shopping Malls Chodov & Černý Most

• Customer — Shopping Malls Chodov & Černý Most
• Delivery location — Prague, Czech Republic
• Product to be delivered — 65PF9 x 12, 50PH9 x 32
• Delivery date — July, 2007

The visitors of the shopping malls Chodov and Černý Most, Prague, enjoy a unique centrally managed audio-visual system, called multi-screen. There are two multi-screen walls that consist of 16 connected Panasonic 50-inch HD plasma displays installed in the shopping mall
Chodov. These walls form a huge presentation space of dimensions 5 to 3 metres. Three multi-screen walls of 4 connected Panasonic 65-inch full HD plasma displays are placed in the shopping mall Černý Most.

Ondřej Kreidl, the director of audiovisual systems at MAT FILM, comments: “The aim of the project is to grab attention of visitors by the sheer size and quality of the picture. The dynamic development of new technologies opens up a wide field of new opportunities.
We are constantly improving our performance to be able to sustain the interest of ever demanding clients. The system is built around state-of-the-art HD & full HD plasma technology which it presents in its astonishing quality.”

The investor of the project chose the plasma displays TH-50PH9EK and TH-65PF9EK by Panasonic. The great picture quality, something Panasonic is renowned for, was quoted as the decisive criterion for the choice of Panasonic plasma displays. The displays boast beautiful rendering of colours and high contrast ratio (10,000:1) which ensures that the picture is clearly visible from quite a distance. The integrated multi-screen function allows to adapt the picture and to distribute it in segments to individual displays. There can be as many as 25 displays in the set-up.

Key Facts
  • Complex project (HW, SW)
  • Highly reliable solution
  • Outstanding picture quality