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1080p HD 103" Plasma

Shopping Mall Palace Flora

• Customer — BONUSS-CZ
• Delivery location — Prague, Czech Republic
• Product to be delivered — 103PF10EL x 3
• Delivery date — November, 2008

The shopping mall Palace Flora in Prague has witnessed the installation of a new huge advertising space, consisting of three largest mass produced plasma panels in the world. The 103-inch panels (262cm) have been produced by the leader in plasma technology, Panasonic Corporation. The set of unique huge plasma panels is owned and operated by the advertising agency BONUSS-CZ.

"The largest plasma panel in the world will offer both the advertisers and the visitors of Palace Flora shopping mall an attractive advertising format with quality picture in Full HD, uncompromising quality of colours and faithful reproduction of motion dynamics," says the product manager of Panasonic Czech Republic, Radka Karlova, adding: "A model equipped with a special anti-reflective layer Anti Glare has been chosen for Flora installation as this model is designed for environments with high intensity of ambient light."

Besides top display technology and non-standard size of plasma panels, the installation is unique in its creative solution. "We have used three 103-inch panels which were connected as a spatial 3D installation of a triangle shape, hanged from the ceiling. This set-up is absolutely unique even in the global context of the modern digital advertising," explains the director of BONUSSCZ, Klara Choulikova.

The content is transmitted to plasma panels from a computer with control software which allows for remote control of the content via the Internet. The high-resolution data are transmitted through cable to all three panels without any loss of quality of source data, thus the system can retain the full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080.

"The quality of presentation in such a resolution will astonish every spectator. That's the reason why most of our clients using this unique advertising medium have decided to develop a special version of their video spots for Palace Flora — they will be directly in full HD," adds the director of BONUSS-CZ, Klara Choulikova.

Key Facts
  • Largest size of plasma panel in digital signage
  • Attractive & unique 3D solution
  • High picture quality
  • Low operation costs