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1080p HD 103" Plasma

Callaway Golf Company

• Customer — Callaway Golf Company
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD
• Delivery date — Sep, 2008

A 103-inch plasma display presents the corporate message of the world's largest golf club brand through rich, faithful images.

Large-screen plasma display installed at showroom.

Callaway Golf Company Japan, a Japanese subsidiary of the world's largest golf club manufacturer, Callaway Golf Company, installed a 103-inch full-HD plasma display at the entrance of its new showroom, which was opened in October 2008 upon relocation of their head office.
This plasma display is instrumental in enhancing their brand appeal and organizing customer events.

Visually communicating the brand image to customers.

"Customers can see the benefits of our products if they try them out or interact with the exhibits in the showroom, but how can we effectively communicate our brand concept and other messages to them?" — When the company was working out the details of their new showroom plan, it was necessary for them to find a solution to this dilemma. After a series of discussions, it was decided to install a display device at the showroom entrance in order to visually communicate these messages.

A large-screen HD display is the key to faithfully communicating important messages.

When selecting a display device, they realized that a 100-inch class would be best when the entrance area and ceiling height were considered. Another factor that they took into account was that, since the device would be the "face of the company," they would make no compromises when it came to graphic quality. After very careful research, they decided on the Panasonic brand because:

  • A projector would not achieve the desired picture quality, since the room is brightly-lit;
  • The 100-inch equivalent of a multi-screen system would lack premium accents, as the screen would be divided by bezels; and
  • A 103-inch plasma display offers both the screen size to match the space and crisp, high-definition display qualities complete with colorful tones, thereby accurately communicating messages to customers.

At the double-floor height showroom entrance, the plasma display is housed in a chic woody interior frame.