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1080p HD 103" Plasma

The Wests Ashfield Leagues Club

• Customer — The Wests Ashfield Leagues Club
• Delivery location — Australia
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD

Wests Leagues Club scores points with punters by installing Giant Panasonic Plasmas.

Experience the State of Origin on the big screen.

The Wests Ashfield Leagues Club has installed Panasonic Commercial Plasma panels, including Australia's largest Plasma panel, the massive 103-inch display, throughout their venue to offer patrons a world-class viewing experience for their favorite footy games and sporting events.

And 103-inch Plasma panels throughout the venue, including the auditorium, gaming floor and famous Chinese restaurant, Don Heng King Crab Century. Situated in Ashfield, the Club provides the local community with a relaxed, family-friendly environment and quality entertainment and leisure facilities, and also provides support to the broader sporting community.
Andy Timbs, CEO Wests Ashfield Leagues Club, chose the solution to show entertainment to patrons throughout the venue. “The new Plasmas look great, especially the giant 103-inch; its sheer size has really impressed our members and visitors. As a display solution, we are able to tailor the content being shown on the screens, depending on what is happening in the club on a particular night.”
Timbs continued: “The screens really stand out and are definitely a draw card for sporting fans. Visitors to the Club will now have the opportunity to see their favorite footy games, including The State of Origin series with spectacular size, brightness and definition; the Club now offers the best seats to see all the action.”
The screens display various content including sport, subscription TV, in-house bingo scores, venue information, promotions and presentations in clear Full High Definition.

According to installation specialists Australian Data Cable Systems, Panasonic was the clear choice.
“Panasonic is a trusted name in commercial displays with a reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service, making it the perfect choice and partner for the Wests Ashfield Leagues Club,“ said David Herring, Managing Director of Australian Data Cable Systems “Panasonic were able to provide a total solution with a wide range of Plasma panel sizes — all featuring Panasonic's renowned image quality and performance.”

Andrew Scott, General Manager Sydney (ADCS) continued that “Flexibility and versatility were key purchasing criteria for Wests Ashfield. The Club wanted to use the panels to display different content and formats across a range of installations, including informal environments, restaurant areas and entertainment spaces. Because Panasonic Plasmas can be individually configured and mounted either horizontally or vertically, they were ideally suited to meet the Club's special needs.”
Panasonic Commercial Plasma panels offer outstanding image quality with a Full High Definition resolution of 1920 x 1080p and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for superior image quality with depth and crisp detail. The Plasmas display around 110% of the color gamut of the HDTV standard to deliver true-to-life color, while Plasma technology delivers a sharp picture for displaying fast moving action, perfect for sporting events.