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Sports & Entertainment

HD 50" Plasma

Aqua Stadium

• Customer — Aqua Stadium
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 50HD x 12
• Delivery date — Mar, 2005

Visitors, ranging from children to adults, are guided through an entertainment complex by clear, high-definition images on plasma displays.

The plasma displays serve as information boards at this popular entertainment complex.

Aqua Stadium, which opened in April of 2005 inside the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, is an indoor entertainment complex housing an aquarium with 300 different species of marine life, four attractions, several restaurants, and a live performance hall. Aqua Stadium is conveniently located within a two-minute walk from Shinagawa Station. On a daily basis, at least two hours prior to opening, eager visitors form a queue outside the popular complex. The Panasonic plasma displays were installed as information boards within the complex to assist in guiding visitors.

The Panasonic plasma displays were selected for use in the new complex because of successful past installations in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

Panasonic plasma displays have previously been installed at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel for use in facilities such as the banquet hall in the Annex Tower and for providing information about the facilities available in the buildings. The displays are highly regarded for their clear images and compact size. Because of their success and reliability, Panasonic displays were once again selected for use in the newly built Aqua Stadium.

Plasma displays and built-in controllers are installed as a set.

Twelve 50-inch plasma displays were installed at Aqua Stadium, for the following reasons:

  • It is a better medium for image display, and enhances information communication
  • Its built-in controller feature
  • Its compact body size with a clean, modern appearance
  • The success of past installations of Panasonic plasma displays in the Annex Tower of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel

In addition to the plasma displays, audiovisual equipment for the entire building has also been installed.

Bright images on plasma displays and a unique marine life themed merry-go-round welcome visitors to Attractions Square.