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1080p HD 103" Plasma

Midland Square Cinema

• Customer — Midland Square Cinema
• Delivery location — Aichi, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD x 2
• Delivery date — Feb, 2007

Two 103-inch plasma displays present information at this sophisticated movie theater.

Plasma displays provide information at a chic theater space for discerning viewers.

Located in Nagoya's Midland Square commercial complex, which opened in March 2007, Midland Square Cinema is an urban cinema complex that caters to a mature audience, unlike suburban movie theaters that generally target families. It has seven screens of different sizes and seats 1,270 people in all. The interior features a chic color scheme based on white, black and metallic silver.
Combined with genuine-leather seats, the facility emanates a luxurious and soothing mood. Two 103-inch full-HD plasma displays were recently installed to display a variety of information.

The large-screen displays match and enhance the high-quality space while offering superb image expression.

LCDs have been used to provide information at a sister facility of the Midland Square Cinema. When the company heard of the release of the 103-inch full-HD plasma display, it started considering its use because it fit so well with the high-quality atmosphere that the new facility was designed to create.
As part of the company's decision-making process, they checked a demo unit to confirm the following advantages.

  • That the large screen size would match the cinema's high-ceilinged atrium lobby.
  • That the contrast was high enough to deliver sharp, clear images in a naturally lit area.
  • That the gradation and black reproduction were sufficient to effectively display movie scenes.
  • And that the motion-image resolution would clearly render fast-action scenes.

They gave high marks to the plasma display's performance, and made the final decision to install the units.

The outstanding contrast of the plasma display in bright areas provides clear images in an area with bright natural lighting.