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1080p HD 103" Plasma

NKB Inc.

• Customer — NKB Inc.
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 103FHD x 2
• Delivery date — Nov, 2006

103-inch large plasma display presents stunning images and emergency information on the spacious train platform at Minatomirai Station.

A 103-inch plasma display provides safety and guidance information.

NKB Inc. has specialized in advertising and information dissemination in transportation facilities such as station areas and railroad cars for some 30 years, and has a vast accumulation of know-how in the field. In November 2006, with the cooperation of the Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Company, NKB Inc. installed a super-large digital HD media system with sound, called "Metro Mega Wide Vision" (MMWV), on the train platform at Minatomirai Station of the Minatomirai Line to display high-quality advertisements and news. It is also being tested as a private-sector operated*1 safety guidance system to evaluate its practical application. NKB chose the world's largest*1 103-inch full-HD plasma display for use as the MMWV display.

Real-time content updating allows speedy display of emergency information.

NKB had been reluctant to use display devices for transit advertising for the following reasons.

  • They were unsuitable due to their inferior still image expression when compared to print media such as posters.
  • Their small image size compared to print media lacked impact when placed in large areas like station facilities.

However, these problems were solved in the following ways.

  • The use of high-definition images showing crisp, clear text and still images rapidly spread.
  • A large 103-inch plasma display capable of rendering beautiful text and still images in HD on a screen that is more than two meters wide appeared on the market.
  • In addition, unlike print media, displays allow emergency information to be instantly updated in the event of a disaster

These superior features led NKB to recognize the public and social significance of the device's capabilities. NKB launched the new MMWV project and adopted a 103-inch plasma display.

*1: Using private companies for establishing infrastructure, which was previously constructed and operated only by the national government, in order to increase efficiency.

The cabinet is slim enough to ensure smooth platform function and passenger safety, while the large image attracts attention.

The huge display greets passengers exiting the railroad cars. It serves as an advertising medium and emergency information display.