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HD 50" Plasma

Japan Airlines, Haneda Airport First Terminal Building

• Customer — Japan Airlines, Haneda Airport First Terminal Building
• Delivery location — Tokyo, Japan
• Product to be delivered — 50HD x 146
• Delivery date — Mar, 2007

Information shown on 146 plasma displays in the airport guides passengers smoothly from check-in to boarding.

New passenger guidance system using a large number of plasma displays.

At Haneda Airport, the departing flights of Japan Airlines (JAL) alone carry some 40,000 passengers each day. To guide this many people smoothly, the timely supply of easy-to-understand information is essential. JAL examined potential passenger guidance systems for about two years, then installed the new "JAL DegiPo" system in March 2007 when Haneda Airport's First Terminal Building was renovated. For their guidance system, JAL installed 146 50-inch plasma displays for passenger information use.

Construction of an easy-to-see system with easy-tounderstand information, based on lessons learned from past experience.

There was a day in December 2004 when airplanes could not take off or land at Haneda Airport due to strong winds. When this happened, information such as flight operations could not be efficiently provided to the passengers. Based on this difficult experience, JAL began to examine the ground-up reconstruction of its passenger guidance system. In their examination, they highly evaluated the information display system for the Shinkansen (bullet train) used by the Central Japan Railway Company, mainly for its high visibility and effective information communication, and showed strong interest in the Panasonic system solutions capability that made this system possible. This led to our designing and proposing of the JAL system. In the beginning, JAL opted for LCDs because of their concern about image retention, but they decided to use plasma displays based on a solution that we proposed, which included the following points:

  • The plasma displays' crisp, high-contrast images and wide viewing angle ensure excellent information visibility for a large number of people.
  • Image retention can be dramatically reduced by designing content to match the characteristics of the display device

The displays installed above automatic check-in devices show the boarding gates to help passengers find their way. They also provide information about baggage check-in counters.

JAL is the only airline that offers First Class on domestic flights. The two displays at this check-in counter show content designed to enhance the brand image.