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Interactive Plasma Display (65-inch) TH-65PB1

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High-speed drawing/simultaneous multiple drawing

Excellent Writing Ease

A new electronic pen system has been developed that takes advantage of plasma characteristics. The pen's position is directly detected and displayed from the light emitted from each of the Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080) pixels. This results in fast, smooth, precise writing and drawing.

Simultaneous Writing by Up to 4 People

Because up to 4 pens* can be individually recognized, people can write with pens of different colors and thicknesses simultaneously. Only the pen is detected, so there are no errors caused by contact with clothing or hands.

* Will be supported in September 2012
(until then, the maximum will be three pens).

User-friendly Electronic Pen for Easy Writing and Erasing

The special electronic pen has a selector button for easy switching between 4 colors and the erasing function. It can also be combined with application software for a wide variety of operations.

Drawing Software
Powerful support for presentations

Make your presentations both smoother and more understandable by using the tools and included drawing software on the TH-65PB1 while it's linked to a PC.

Drawing MenuSelect Function Menuelite Panaborad book

Drawing Menu

These are basic tools for operating theTH-65PB1 with the Electronic Pen.* It includes a selection of drawing tools, such as pens and erasers.

* When the Electronic Pen is in Mouse mode, the Drawing Menu cannot be operated.

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Select Function Menu

These are basic tools for operating the TH-65PB1 with the Electronic Pen's Mouse Function Button.* You can use the various functions to draw or edit text and graphics.

* When the Electronic Pen is in Pen mode, the Select Function Menu cannot be operated.

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elite Panaborad book

This is the easy way to create presentation materials. You can prepare all the materials you need in advance and keep them in the Attachments folder. Then, you can easily retrieve saved data during the presentation, and even add handwritten information to images. It's the ultimate in convenience.

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