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LRU70/60 series High Definition Hospitality LCD TV LRU70/60 Series
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A Built-in Digital Tuner (with Pro:Idiom®) for Easy TV InstallationPro:Idiom

A built-in digital tuner with Pro:Idiom compatibility provides strong support for both PPV (Pay-per-View) and FTG (Free-to-Guest) premium HD content.

Pro:Idiom is a registered trademark of the Zenith Electronics Corp.

Elegantly Designed in a Wide Range of Sizes

The LRU70/60 Series line-up features a wide range of sizes, including an ultra-thin 65" model. So in addition to guest rooms, its elegant design blends in beautifully in larger suites, lounges or in public areas, such as lobbies and restaurants.

C.A.T.S.* Automatically Adjusts the Image Quality for Each Room Based on Ergonomics, While Saving Energy

The LRU70/60 Series' built-in ambient light sensor (C.A.T.S.) automatically adjusts the television's screen brightness and contrast to suit the lighting of the room. This not only optimizes picture performance, but it also helps keep power consumption low — so you can maximize your guests' experience while saving on energy costs.

* Contrast Automatic Tracking System

Advanced LED Design Reduces Power Consumption and Lowers Costs

LED backlight system

The LED backlight consumes only about half the power of a conventional fluorescent type. This high energy-saving performance significantly reduces the running cost.

Difference in power consumption between CCFL and LED TVs

A Built-in Terminal Adaptor for Easy TV Installation

The LodgeNet PPV terminal adaptor (b-LAN™) is built into the TV to save space, and installation is further simplified because there are no cables to connect other than the coax feed. The LRU70/60 Series is also compatible with other PPV systems via an integrated MTI port.

b-LAN is a trademark of LodgeNet Interactive Corp.

Centralized FTG Channel Management

The optional FMA-PA101 Free-to-Guest Management Appliance available separately is a hotel system server which provides centralized and remotely-accessible channel management of all SD, HD and Pro:Idiom-encrypted content, including the "first-up" channel. This eliminates the need for guest room visits for programming channel lineups during install or for any subsequent additions/changes made to the lineup at a later time.

USB Cloning

When adding TVs, the TV settings can be copied into USB memory and easily installed into the new models. This also helps to reduce costs by shortening the installation time.

Local Authentication

The data required for Pro:Idiom decoding is set into each TV via USB memory.

Channel Remap

TV Installer can freely configure 'CH map' of the TV using Excel format. The remapped data can also be cloned, which will drastically ease the burden of the TV installer.

A Swivel Stand with a Security Swivel Mount

The swivel stand allows the display to be rotated 90° to the left or right to match the viewing angle of the guest. Stops at 30° and 60° can be easily inserted as needed to avoid contact with walls. The pedestal stand can also be secured into place with security screws (bit included) to reduce the risk of theft.

When installing, the base and table of the pedestal are secured by special screws. In addition to reducing the risk of theft,
the display also remains stable when swiveled.

A High Value-added Systems with a Large, Easy-to-see Screen

High-quality, large screen TV

A full high definition TV panel with approximately twice as many pixels as conventional panels produces the kind of detailed images that are best utilized with large screens.

* Except for TH-32LRU70.