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Special Issue

Why Choose a Panasonic Display for Digital Signage?

There are a lot of displays in the market produced by a variety of manufacturers, ranging from consumer TVs to lower-cost versions and high-spec professional models. Differences in digital signage, such as their reliability and visibility, are directly connected to business performance. Be sure to choose a professional model that is suited to your digital signage application.

ReliabilityVisibilityFlexibilityWide Lineup
Panasonic’s professional displays have special features that you don’t find on consumer TVs and low-quality displays.
This is the most important display requirement. Digital signage shows images under a wide range of harsh conditions, such as continuous 24/7 operation. Panasonic's professional displays include various models that cope with difficult usage conditions.
Digital signage is viewed from the front and both sides. It is also often installed in bright places. Panasonic displays use an LED backlight and IPS Panel to provide beautiful images in various installation locations.
Panasonic's professional displays can be installed either horizontally or vertically. They also link easily to other devices, and make it easy to transmit data and display complex images from distant places. They make possible many things that simply were not possible before, providing solutions for user needs.


Panasonic’s professional displays are designed to withstand a variety of
usage environments.


Panasonic’s professional LCD displays use highly durable panels and components, so you can use them for a longer period of time. They provide stable operation, with stunningly beautiful images, for a very long time. These rugged displays are ideal for installation in digital signage applications where a lot of people pass by.

* Expect for LQ70L/AF1/LF80/LF8/LF60/LF6/EF1/LFE/LFV Series.

24/7 Operation

The tough design makes the display panel suitable for use as signage that operates all day and night in places such as restaurants, shopping malls, transportation facilities and surveillance stations.

* In case of running for a long time, the moving image is recommended to be displayed. If you display a still picture for an extended period, the image retention might remain on the screen. However, image retention can gradually disappear by displaying a moving images.

* Except for the EF/LFE/LFB/LFC Series.


Beautiful images can be provided regardless of where the display is installed.

LED Backlight Used

LEDs are brighter and easier to see than fluorescent tubes, so they are ideally suited to use in public spaces. They also consume a relatively small amount of power, making these displays eco-friendly.

Wide Viewing Angle for Sharper Images

The IPS panel has a wide viewing angle, so colors don't change when the image is viewed from right or left angles. Information can be accurately relayed to groups of people in large areas, like public spaces.

* Except for the LF50/ LFE8 (65-inch, 48-inch, 43-inch models)/ LFE7 (65-inch, 55-inch models)/ BF/LFB/LFC Series.

VA Type / Panasonic IPS Panel

Slim Bezel

The slim bezel design makes the bezel almost unnoticeable. This allows the viewer to concentrate on the image.

* Except for the BF/LFB/LFC/LFX Series.


Vertical installation, which is possible only by professional displays, and system expansion meet a variety of user needs.

TV Panel / Professional Panel

Flexible, Vertical Installation

The display can be installed either horizontally or vertically to match the content and installation location without being affected by “Mura” (unevenness). This is because the display has relatively uniform pressure distribution as compared to a TV panel, which results in far better stability. Regardless of the installation direction, the lamp life stays the same since a constant operating temperature is maintained.

* Except for the TH-75EF1.

System Expandability

Using DIGITAL LINK makes it possible to transmit video, audio and control signals over a long distance (up to 100 m [328.1 ft]*3) with a single LAN cable.*1 Easy cabling also reduces labor during setup. This provides transmission of high-quality images and sounds, as well as remote control.

*1: CAT5e(STP) cable or higher.
*2: WUXGA(1,920 × 1,200) compatible.
*3: The Long Reach Mode applicable models can be used up to 150 m (492 ft).


Digital Interface Box: ET-YFB100G

The ET-MWP100G Multi Window Processor offers a variety of multi-screen layout solutions by processing different input sources onto video walls, rear multi projection and edge blending projection systems. The ET-MWP100G is an ideal visual solution for control rooms, simulations, signage and exhibitions.

Video wall
Rear projection multi-screen
Multi-screen projection system

Multi Window Processor: ET-MWP100G

*MWP100G is not available in the US.

A Wide Lineup for Various Uses

Panasonic offers a wide lineup of displays to meet the needs of various digital signage applications. By selecting the model that best matches the application, you can achieve the most effective digital signage operation.

  • High Durability & Reliability
  • Excellent 4K Image Quality
  • Easy Installation & System Expandability
[LQ Series]
4K UHD Large Display
98-inch TH-98LQ7084-inch TH-84LQ70
98-inch TH-98LQ70L84-inch TH-84LQ70L


  • Simple and Easy Operation
  • System Expandability
  • High Reliability
[AF Series]
LCD Displays
55-inch TH-55AF149-inch TH-49AF142-inch TH-42AF1

  • Information provided by linking with smartphones
  • Built-in Media Player function
  • Excellent visibility
[SF Series]
LCD Displays
55-inch TH-55SF1H49-inch TH-49SF1H42-inch TH-42SF1H
  • High Brightness
  • System Expandability
  • High Reliability
[LF Series]
LCD Displays
80-inch TH-80LF5070-inch TH-70LF50
55-inch TH-55LF8049-inch TH-49LF8042-inch TH-42LF80
55-inch TH-55LF849-inch TH-49LF842-inch TH-42LF8
55-inch TH-55LF6047-inch TH-47LF6042-inch TH-42LF60
55-inch TH-55LF647-inch TH-47LF642-inch TH-42LF6
Video Wall
  • Installation Flexibility
  • High Reliability
  • High Visibility
[VF Series]
Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD Display
55-inch TH-55VF1H
[LFV Series]
Ultra/Super Narrow Bezel LCD Display
55-inch TH-55LFV7055-inch TH-55LFV6055-inch TH-55LFV6
55-inch TH-55LFV5055-inch TH-55LFV547-inch TH-47LFV5
  • High Visibility under Sunlight
  • Durability against Rain/Dust
  • System Expandability
[LFX Series]
Tough LCD Display
47-inch TH-47LFX6047-inch TH-47LFX6N47-inch TH-47LFX6
Touch Screen
  • Universal Wireless Support
  • System Flexibility and Additional Features
  • Powerful and Intuitive Quick-start Whiteboard
[BF Series]
Touch Screen LCD Display
80-inch TH-80BF165-inch TH-65BF150-inch TH-50BF1
Touch Screen
  • Easy set-up & Operation
  • Wireless & Network Capability
  • ECO & Good Usability
[LFB Series]
Touch Screen LCD Display
80-inch TH-80LFB7065-inch TH-65LFB7050-inch TH-50LFB70
  • Bright Clear Image Quality
  • Wireless & Network Capability
  • Low Power Consumption
[LFC Series]
Network LCD Display
80-inch TH-80LFC7065-inch TH-65LFC7050-inch TH-50LFC70


  • Simple & Flexible Media Signage
  • Slim & Stylish Design
  • Multiple Functions for Operating Signage
[EF Series]
Standard LCD Displays
84-inch TH-84EF175-inch TH-75EF165-inch TH-65EF132-inch TH-32EF1
  • Slim & Stylish offers Excellent Visibility
  • Simple, Flexible Media Presentation
  • Generous Connectivity for Professional Use
[LFE Series]
Standard LCD Displays
65-inch TH-65LFE855-inch TH-55LFE848-inch TH-48LFE8
43-inch TH-43LFE8