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HD Visual Communication Multi-Point Connection Software* Product Information

* HD Visual Communication Multi-Point Connection Software is abbreviated as HDVC-MPCS hereafter.

Expandable to a Maximum of 16 Sites

Videoconferences can be conducted simultaneously at up to 16 sites.
The system can be expanded from 8 to 12 sites, and from 12 to 16 sites.

HD Videoconferences

Clear, easy-to-see HD images show even the fine facial expressions of the other party. Regardless of how distant the sites are, you can communicate almost as if you were in the same room.

H.264 High Profile Compatibility

H.264 High Profile compatibility allows HD images to be displayed at a low bandwidth (512 kbps).*1

*1 Upgrade the connected HDVC unit (KX-VC300) to software version 3.10 for this usage.

Differing Speeds with Optimal Images*2

HD images and SD images can be transmitted separately. Each of the sites will use images that are optimal for its speed, rather than having to match the speed of the lowest sites.

*2 HDVC Mobile (for iOS/Android™) displays SD images

Take Part in Videoconferences While You're on the Go

You can use a tablet, a smartphone, or a PC to take part in a videoconference while you're on the go, by using an HDVC application. Even without a VPN, the NAT Traversal Service makes it easy to connect from outside the company. You can also connect to two network types — an intranet and the NAT Traversal Service — at the same time, to hold simultaneous videoconferences both inside and outside the company.

* The newly released HDVC Mobile (for iOS/Android™ devices or Windows PCs) is required for use.

Dial In/Dial Out

Connect by dialling in from a terminal, or dialling out from the server.

Address Book Function

Register up to 200 addresses.

Content Sharing

You can easily share PC content, such as graphics and PowerPoint materials, for smooth meetings.

Versatile Screen Layouts Match Your Situation

Choose the optimal display from seven patterns.

Auto Layout Change
The screen layout automatically changes according to the number of HD Visual Communications Systems participating.
Manual Layout Change
Change the layout manually while the meeting proceeds.
Fixed Layout
Determine the screen layout based on ones that you have set in advance.
Voice Switching
Display the participating device with the highest sound volume as Priority 1(upper left screen).


Item Specification
No. of Simultaneous Conferences 1 conference
Number of Sites in Conference Up to 16 sites *1
Connection Modes IP Mode, NAT Traversal Service *2
Bandwidth Setting 2Mbps / 1.5Mbps / 1.0Mbps / 768kbps / 512kbps / 384kbps *3
Call Control Standard SIP
Connection Method Dial-in / Dial-out based on web operation / Dial-out by external control interface *4
QoS ARQ (Automatic Repeat-Request) Video, audio
ARC (Audio Return Channel) Video
Video Transmission Capacity H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.1 / H.264 High Profile Level 3.1
720p/w432p *5
VGA / SVGA / XGA / 720p
Reception Capacity 720p / 4SIF / w432p / w288p / VGA / QVGA
VGA / SVGA / XGA / 720p
H.264 Baseline Profile Level 1.3~3.1 / H.264 High Profile Level 3.1
RTP/MTU Size 1,240 bytes (video packet) *6
RTP Format RFC 6184 compliant (Single NALU/non-interleaved)
Audio Codec Profile G.722 / G.722.1c
RTP/Transmittance Interval 20 msec
Encrypted Communication AES128 *7
Screen Display No. of Screen Windows CP1 / CP4/ CP6 / CP8 / CP10 / CP13 / CP16
Display Content Screen Layout mode. An appropriate layout displays images
from connected sites. *8
Presentation mode. *9 HDVC images shared by PCs are displayed full-size. *10
Meeting Modes Normal mode / Ad-Hoc mode
Web User interface Settings Management Basic Device Settings / Meeting Room Management(Status Display/Profile Settings) / Static NAT Settings / NAT Traversal Settings
Operations Meeting Start (Dial-Out Transmission) /End / Layout Control / Display Position Control / Mute Control / NAT Traversal Test
Suppress NAT Traversal Messages
Log Log Acquisition/Display
Address Book Max. 200 addresses
Configuration Data Backup Backup / Restore Function *11
Language Japanese / English
External Control Meeting Settings, Start/End, Status Acquisition/Control, Profile Settings
License Management By software license *12
CPU Intel CPU 4 core 3.4 GHz or faster
Memory RAM 8 GB or more
Amount of free HD space HDD 32 GB or more *13
OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6 64bit Cent OS6.4 64bit

*1 Connectable with KX-VC300, Android devices, and Windows PCs. Connection is not possible with an other brand device or an MCU. *2 Not compatible with NGN. *3 When holding a meeting, the maximum bandwidth per site must be decided in advance. *4 Dial-out by web reservation is under consideration for the future. *5 Maximum resolution and max. frame rate is 720@30p. *6 Depends on PC setting. *7 Key exchange using MIKEY. *8 All sites displayed simultaneously. *9 This function displays a PC screen. *10 Sub-camera images can also be shared.. *11 Backup data cannot be edited. *12 Function activation (CP6, CP8, CP12, CP16) and 4-site addition function. *13 Not including OS space.