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Why Panasonic?

Original Panasonic AV-QoS

The HD Visual Communications System is packed with Panasonic technology for connection stability. A rate control function accurately estimates network congestion, and controls the data transfer amount to reduce packet loss. In addition, the combined usage of Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) helps to restore inevitable packet loss. These functions make it possible to achieve a stable connection and prevent image disruptions and sound interruptions, both on intranets and on the Internet, where bandwidth is not guaranteed and the usable bandwidth constantly changes due to traffic conditions. The range of business opportunities naturally expands because of the ability to conduct visual communication with clients and customers outside the company.

Rate Control
Comparison with a congested network connection. (Packet loss 5%)
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Low Bandwidth Communication Supported

The HD Video Conferencing Unit enables communication at low bandwidths by adjusting to the network status. Video and audio communication at 256 kbps/site minimum, and audio-only communication at 192 kbps/site minimum are possible.*

* For 2-site communication. Actual communication varies depending on the network status and settings.

When bandwidth decreases

* The optional Activation Key Card lets you upgrade the maximum resolution of the KX-VC300 system to 1080p/i.