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Firmware of ASM200 / ASE201 [Firmware] [ASM200_ASE201]


  • [ WV-ASAE201/ WV-ASE202:Recommendation PC €performance test report ]
  • [ WV-ASM200/ASE201 version history (V.2.11) ]

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  • [Information for demo edition]
    To use the demo edition, it is required to register the following "RegistrationKey".
    When the "Registration Key" for the demo edition is registered,this software will be launched in the demonstration mode.
    The demonstration mode is available for 90 days.

    < ' Registration Key ' for the demo edition>
    1. WV-ASM200 Series : 0000-0010-0000-0001
    2. WV-ASE201 : 0000-0030-0000-0001
    3. WV-ASE202 : 0000-0030-0000-0002
    4. WV-ASE203 : No demo key
    5. WV-ASE204 : 0000-0030-0000-0004

    *WV-ASE202/ASE203 are not supported China region.
    *WV-ASE204 is not supported PAL region.

    [Information for fish-eye image compensation function]
    To use the extensive options for Fisheye network cameras, registration is required.
    To register the options, it is necessary to enter the "Registration Key" obtained from the Key Management System.
    Refer to the provided "Activation Key Card" to obtain the "Registration Key" of this software.
    Enter the following numbers for the Activation Key No. and the Registration ID.

    Activation Key No.: 0401-0065-000A-1234 Registration ID: 2397-55CC

    * To use the options, WV-ASM200 Ver.1.40 or later (option) is required.
    * It is available this license key only customers who purchased formally ASM200.
    * This plug-in can not be used if you are using the demo mode ASM200.
    * Refer to "WV-ASM200 Series Setup Instructions (PDF)" for how to register the options for the product in use.

    [How to update WV-ASM200 to the latest version]
    1. Save*1 Setting Data
    2. Download WV-ASM200 latest version
    3. Re-Install WV-ASM200.(No Need to un-install SQL ,Un-install ASM200 Only)
    4. Restore*1 Setting Data to ASM200 Ver1.2

    *1 Refer to the Setup Instructions.