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Using a microphone in the classroom benefits both students and teacher

Students' Benefit

Everyone in the classroom can hear what the teacher says. That improves teaching efficiency.

They hear clearly what the teacher is saying

In the back of the room or in noisy environments, students may not be able to hear the teacher clearly.
If the teacher uses a microphone, they can.

Good for students with small voices, too

Some students speak up but can't be heard.
That's stressful, both for them and for those trying to hear them.
A microphone for the student can be a real confidence builder.

Teachers' Benefit

A microphone creates an environment where everyone can concentrate.

When this system is introduced, everyone in the classroom can hear what the teacher says

You may have had to speak loudly enough for those in the back to hear. For those in the front, that can be overbearing.
A microphone solves this dilemma.
Since everyone can hear what the teacher is saying, everyone can concentrate equally.

Voice fatigue is also reduced

It is no longer necessary to shout to reach everyone in the room.
With a microphone, the teacher can speak in a normal tone, and everyone can hear what is said. Teaching is less tiring, for teacher and students alike.

Having both hands free is so convenient!

Choose a pendant type microphone and both hands are free. With a book in one hand, you can gesture with the other. Both hands are available to show what you mean.

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