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Pendant Type Microphone WX-LT350

Infrared Wireless Microphone (Pendant Type) WX-LT350


* Shipped with strap attached.

For hands-free convenience,
the WX-LT350 pendant type microphone

If both hands free is what you need, this microphone is perfect.
Infrared emitter, microphone and processor are combined in this all-in-one unit, for revolutionary, cable-free convenience.

Even more compact

Compared with conventional models, this one has been reduced to approximately half size. At the same time, it features a light-weight design, weighing only about 55 g (with strap, without battery).

Slim in shape, easy to wear and use

The WX-LT350 infrared wireless microphone is an all-in-one unit combining infrared emitter, microphone and processor. If your clothes have no pockets, simply use the strap and wear it around the neck. It will fit with different kinds of clothing. It can also be fixed on clothes, etc. using the clip equipped on the rear of the unit.

Use strap to hang microphone around neck. Adjust distance between microphone and mouth.

Use strap to hang microphone around neck

Adjust distance between microphone and mouth

Uses half the number of batteries of conventional models

One alkaline AA battery provides approximately 5 hours of consecutive operation*. (as compared to conventional models running for about 5 hours on two AA batteries.) This greatly contributes to cost-saving.

* Using LR6EJ Panasonic batteries.

Improved wearability

The microphone is equipped with a clip for attaching it to the chest pocket or tie, and its rear surface has a flat and smooth design. The strap is designed to prevent twisting which leads to the prevention of muffled sound, rustling and other noises.

Volume adjustable from the microphone

The WX-LT350 is equipped with volume control buttons. These control the volume of the microphone worn by the user (main unit) , of microphones worn by others (sub-units), and of the line input of the WX-LP100 speaker.

* Volume of WX-LT150 can be adjusted from WX-LT350, so it is convenient for classroom used by teacher and students.

4 channels supported by single microphone

This microphone adopts PLL synthesized system* which enables to switch among 4 different frequencies in a single microphone. This allows for more flexible use.

* The infrared receiver does not adopt the PLL synthesized system.

Channel switch

Channel switch

The channel switch makes it easy to choose from among all four channels.

External input terminal

This microphone is equipped with an external input terminal that can be used as a transmitter. Sounds from voice recordings in language lessons or business presentations that use a PC, or other audio sources can widely be broadcast via the infrared wireless microphone.

* The microphone cannot be used when connected to an external input.

External input terminal

Allows connection of an external microphone

When needed, an external microphone can be connected. This being a plug-in power microphone, no power source is required for the external microphone. Simply plug it into the input terminal and it is ready to use.

Allows connection of an external microphone

Runs on one AA size rechargeable battery or an AA size dry cell

Readily available Panasonic AA size rechargeable batteries can be used to power the microphone. *1. The battery can be charged while installed in the microphone. *2. In addition to running the microphone on a rechargeable battery, you can connect it to the optional WX-LZ150 Charger connected to an AC outlet or install an AA size dry cell, which makes for a three-way power supply.

*1 Rechargeable AA size nickel-metal hydride HHR-3M Series batteries (Panasonic Corporation)
*2 WX-LZ150 Charger is required.

  • Do not charge any batteries other than Panasonic nickel-metal hydride batteries. Charging other batteries may result in leakage of battery fluid, generation of heat or explosion.
  • To charge batteries of other manufacturers, use the dedicated charger.

Clear sound and wide dynamic range

Panasonic developed LSI sound processing technology produces clear sound within a wide dynamic range.

WX-LT350 Specifications

Infrared Ray Wavelength 850 nm
Number of Transmission Channel 4 channels (Sub carrier frequencies)
(1ch: 2.3 MHz, 2ch: 2.8 MHz, 3ch: 3.2 MHz, 4ch: 3.8 MHz)
Oscillation System PLL Frequency Synthesizer Method
Reception Range Approx. 20 m (Effective reception range 8m in radius
from Infrared Sensor WX-LS100)
Condition At the line of sight with using WX-LR100 & WX-LS100
Microphone Type Unidirectional ECM
Frequency Response 100 Hz tilde 10 kHz (1 kHz standard 50 µs emphasis)
External input Level -14 dBV Ø 3.5 stereo mini jack (monaural mix)
External microphone input -55 dBV Ø 3.5 stereo mini jack (plug-in power compatible)
Required Battery Rechargeable: AA size nickel-metal hydride battery x 1
Dry cell: AA size alkaline battery x 1
Operation Time
(at 25 °C, continuous use)
Approx. 6 hours: using an HHR-3M Series Panasonic AA size nickel-metal hydride battery
Approx. 5 hours: using a Panasonic AA size alkaline LR6EJ battery
External power supply DC 3.3 V (supplied from the optional WX-LZ150 Charger)
Dimensions 50 mm (W) × 25 mm (D) × 85 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 55 g (with strap, without battery)
Finish Control panel: Black coating
Microphone body: Silver metal coating

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