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Kanagawa University

Kanagawa University has taken advantage of the infrared wireless microphone system and has installed it in 37 of its classrooms.
The microphone system has contributed to creating a pleasant class environment.

Kanagawa University began in 1928 as Yokohama Academy,
a vocational school that offered the unique system of night classes. Today, it has 10 departments, 8 graduate schools, and approximately 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students.
It provides a practical education that values the individuality of students and cultivates persons that contribute to society.

Kanagawa University

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1. No worry of interference from adjoining classrooms

The system is installed in several of the numerous school buildings on campus, but because infrared rays do not penetrate classroom walls, interference is not a problem even when microphones are simultaneously used.

Benefits: No more of interference!

A large classroom

A large classroom in Bldg 23 in Yokohama Campus. There are many adjacent classrooms of various sizes within the building.

2. The same microphone can be used on the same channel in all classrooms

There is no worry of interference with the microphone system, so the same channel can be used in all classrooms.
A teacher can pick up a microphone from the teacher's room before his or her first class, and use the same microphone with the same channel for all classes throughout the day.

Benefits: No need to change the microphone inbetween classrooms

3. The pendant type microphone is easy to put on and helps class progress smoothly

The wireless pendant type microphone combines an infrared emitter, microphone, and processor all in one unit and is easy to wear — just place it around your neck. Since it doesn't have the type of cable used with a tie-pin microphone, there is nothing to get in the way during use and there is no worry of accidentally disconnecting the wire and causing damage.

Benefits: All-in-one pendant type microphone

Just slip the pendant type microphone over your neck.

Just slip the pendant type microphone over your neck.
Unlike a tie-pin microphone, it can easily be worn with any type of clothing.

4. A convenient system with great sound quality and minimal sound break up

When I first saw the microphone system demonstrated, I was surprised at the sound quality.
No matter where I am in the classroom, the microphone never fails to pick up sound and amplify my voice, so I no longer have to deal with the trouble of the microphone losing sound and cutting out during class.

Benefits: Sound is clearly heard anywhere in the classroom

5. Convenient external input function for contemporary teaching

The number of classes that use PCs or projectors has considerably grown in the past 5 years or so.
An external input function that allows sound from PCs or other audio sources to be directly picked up and broadcast by the wireless infrared microphone will become more and more useful in the future.

Benefits: More convenient with external input terminal

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