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RAMSA Digital Sound System at “EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN”


Providing unlimited, powerful sound over a period of 185 days RAMSA Digital Sound System at “EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN” Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition

“EXPO Plaza” where the 840-inch EXPO Vision, boasting high-definition image is set up

Panasonic Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., was selected to participate as EXPO Plaza's official partner in the planning project of “EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN” (March 25-Sept. 25). The venue where Panasonic will perform is “EXPO Plaza,” roughly the central venue of the exposition, a communication space where visitors will be provided a real-life experience of one of the project's central concepts, “A Grand Intercultural Symphony.” In EXPO Plaza Panasonic Electric Industrial is setting up EXPO Vision, a large screen display symbolizing this concept, with image production-transmission facilities complemented by RAMSA digital sound system to transmit the excitement and message of a grand intercultural exchange

System Overview

The EXPO Vision screen set up on the open stage in EXPO Plaza is a 7.6 m. (high) x 19.9 m. (wide) LED (light-emitting diodes) ASTROVISION with 960 high-quality, high-definition lines of HDTV display. Through live events taking place on the stage and image contents produced and supervised by Panasonic Electric Industrial, visitors will be able to enjoy an experience of realism and immediacy. The sound system to be used is the pro-audio RAMSA array type speaker used at the Athens Olympic Games and digital mixer WR-D600 for large halls. Such high-definition, high-quality sound creates an entertainment space appropriate for staging international exchange.

Large-size array type speaker system set up on both sides of the stage

8 sets of large-size array type speaker (WS-LA1), weatherproof specifications

Full digital mixer WR-D600 (at right, sound/image effects device rack)

Sub-woofer (WS-LASUB)

With a total of 38 power amps, a gross output of approximately 42,000W, guarantees ample output

Wireless device rack and side-fill monitor speaker (WS-P294VD), floor monitor speaker (WS-A200)

System Features

Uses high-reliability design theater/hall digital mixer WR-D600 series

The system uses the large-scale theater/hall digital mixer WR-D600 series with 64-channel input and 48-channel output. The signal processor unit is installed with a 24bit AD/DA converter and a full digital signal processor to minimize cross talk and signal deterioration for the realization of high-quality sound. The operation console, besides permitting free panel layout, designed to be separated from the signal processor unit, allows them to be set up in both control room and stage wing utility rooms. Between these locations an approximately 200m optical cable prevents transmission degradation. Also, a hot-swap function enables flexible response with remote maintenance in case some trouble should occur.

Uses 24 large-size array type speakers such as those that performed at the Athens Olympic Games

There will be 8 sets of large-size array type speakers noted for their performance at the Athens Olympic Games suspended on both the left and right of the stage. There are 4 sub-woofers attached to the bottom of each array type speaker. By arranging this large number of array type speakers in lengthwise configuration, the energy of the sound is diffused laterally. Unlike ordinary speakers where much of the sound is wasted by spreading in all directions, this arrangement keeps the sound from spreading up-and-down. In this way, for the broad expanse of EXPO Plaza consisting of a 4,000m2 turf seating area and 14,000 m2 EXPO Plaza area, the diffusion in sound quality is controlled so that clear, powerful sound can be transmitted throughout the area.

RAMSA wireless using 6 channels has an established reputation in the professional audio industry

At present, RAMSA wireless microphone system using 6 channels has a reputation for use in concerts and broadcasting coverage. Without the bother of cords and lines, RAMSA is free to move about when covering dynamic events on a wide stage.

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