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Nikko Shoji Co., Ltd.

RAMSA Digital Sound System for Amusement Facilities at Nikko Shoji Co., Ltd.


The Provision of Dynamic Sound Systems in Pachinko and Slot Machine Parlors Equipped with Large-Screen, Multi-Image Video Displays and Stage Area for Live Performances

PACHINKO SLOT nikko, attracting attention because of its diversified live performances.

Nikko Shoji, who owns locally-rooted pachinko and slot machine parlors in the Shikoku area and enjoys the passionate support of many local fans, opened nikko town in the city of Takamatsu in September 2006. This large-scale amusement facility, providing restaurants and Internet cafes in addition to pachinko and slot machine facilities, is greatly contributing to the revitalization of the local area. The main hub of this facility is PACHINKO SLOT nikko, which was equipped by a RAMSA digital sound system. This system provides full support for dynamic in-house performances within this new style of integrated recreational facility.

System Outline

PACHINKO SLOT nikko is equipped with a new style of multi-function hall performance system that includes tornado-shaped ceiling-suspended video display devices consisting of twenty-four 42-inch PDP units, a live stage for holding various events extending from the second-floor annex, and a DVJ booth from which all video and audio equipments are controlled while providing views of the hall. The video and sound capabilities of the system separate this facility from the general crowd of other stores and businesses in the vicinity. In addition to the professional audio RAMSA digital mixer WR-D01, the system utilizes a total of fifty-five RAMSA speakers, including WS-AT400 compact high-power speakers and WS-AT450 sub-woofers. Providing dynamic and high-quality sound in accordance with the requirements of large-screen, multi-image video displays and a stage area for live performances.

DVJ booth that controls all video and audio elements within the facility.

38cm WS-AT400 2-way speakers and 38cm WS-AT450 sub-woofers providing dynamic sound.

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