• Sponsored SANYO Exhibition Hall at Japan World Exposition.
  • Product Development Center established (Anpachi-gun, Gifu).
  • SANYO Electric Distribution Co., Ltd. (present SANYO Electric Logistics Co., Ltd.) established.
  • Waste plastic processing technology developed.
  • SANYO's first adsorption-type freezer model introduced.
  • SANYO's first remote control color television model "Zubacon" (20-CTR910R) introduced.
    remote control color television model 'Zubacon' (20-CTR910R)
  • Japan's first receipt computer "Medicom" (MC-1) developed and supplied.
    receipt computer 'Medicom' (MC-1)
  • Social Environment Improvement Committee established.
  • SANYO's first hotel reception computer system developed and supplied.
  • Automatic tablet wrapping machine, ATC-52A, launched.
  • Participated in Sunshine Project, with aim of developing solar/hydrogen energy technologies, promoted by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
  • World's first lithium batteries (manganese dioxide lithium batteries) developed; mass production beginning in 1978.
    lithium batteries (manganese dioxide lithium batteries)
  • New corporate logo unveiled, symbolizing the company goal of becoming a global firm.
  • CX-8176L thin calculator, first product employing lithium batteries, introduced.
  • "olar House,"experimental house using solar energy, completed in Hirakata City, Osaka.
  • Customer Information System commences operation.
  • Shioya Training Center completed in Kobe City, Hyogo.
  • World's first amorphous silicon solar batteries, Amorton, developed.
    amorphous silicon solar batteries, Amorton
  • Fashionable MR-U4 tape recorder launched.
  • Energy Conservation Committee established.
  • Granted license to VARTA (West Germany) and Mallory (U.S.A.) to manufacture and sell lithium batteries.
  • Granted General Electric Co., Ltd. (U.S.A.) non-exclusive right to exercise patent and know-how concerning lithium batteries.
  • VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Technology Development Center established on premises of Gifu Plant.
  • SANYO's first electromagnetic cooking device, IC-10, launched.

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