• Licensed lithium battery technology to Duracell Co., Ltd. (U.S.A.).
  • Technology exchange agreement reached with Energy Research Corp. (U.S.A.) for phosphoric acid fuel cells.
  • New Tokyo Office building (current Tokyo building) completed.
  • Home solar system featuring heat pipe technology launched.
  • World's first calculator equipped with built-in Amorton, CX-1, introduced.
  • Amorton heat pipe collector developed.
  • Blue light-emitting diode (LED) and world's first full-color LED lamp developed.
  • Operation of amorphous solar cell production plant commenced.
  • Licensed lithium battery technology to Renata SA (Switzerland).
  • Head Office Annex (current Head Office Building No. 2) completed.
  • Applied Technology Laboratory established in Moriguchi City, Osaka.
  • Amorton roof tile developed.
  • Industry's first refrigerator with chilling compartment ("Osashimi compartment"), SR-430VH, launched.
  • Production of OS-CON line of aluminum solid capacitors with organic semiconductive electrolyte commenced.
  • Conceptual design of air-cooled phosphoric acid fuel battery power generation system with 10,000 kW output commenced jointly with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.
  • Home electronic appliance series for singles "it's" introduced.
  • Industry's first refrigerated showcase (flat open type) introduced.
  • SANYO Electric and Tokyo SANYO Electric merged.
  • New wordmark adopted.
  • Test run of phosphoric acid fuel cell with 50 kW output, developed and commenced jointly with Tokyo Electric Power.
  • See-through Amorton developed.
  • Japan's first nickel-cadmium batteries for artificial satellite developed and supplied to National Space Development Agency of Japan.
  • SANYO All-Star Series held, first professional baseball games bearing sponsoring company's name.
  • MBA training course established in cooperation with School of Management, Boston University.
  • ROBO series launched.
    ROBO series
  • New corporate slogan "We care for people and the earth" established.
  • Consolidated subsidiaries increased to reinforce consolidated accounting system.
  • Industry's first mid-mount Hi-Fi video recorder, VZ-CS1, introduced.
  • Industry's first 3-way multi-air conditioning system that can provide cooling and heating simultaneously introduced.

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